Video of Ex-GF Crashing Wedding & Begging For A Second Chance Shows the Power of Love

Today, I’ll like to ask you a very serious question:

How far would you go, in order to salvage a long-lost love?

Yes, I’m putting you in the shoes of a spurned ex who, despite everything else, still harbours feelings for him/her.

How far would you go?

Would you go to their doorstep every day, in the hope that they will reciprocate eventually?

Would you work on yourself, physically and mentally, with the intention of winning them back one day?

Or would you, like this lady over here…

Gatecrash your ex’s wedding and beg for them to take you back?

Image: Sina News

What happened?

If you’ve been surfing the web recently, you might’ve chanced upon this viral clip of a woman in a bridal gown, gatecrashing her own ex’s wedding and begging him to take her back.

Image: Sina News

In the 30-second long clip (which originates from China), the clinging woman, ascertained to be the groom’s ex-girlfriend, begged for his forgiveness and asked her to give him another chance. Yelling “it was my fault”, she even kneeled in front of him, while the groom’s bride watched on with an expression akin to anger, or shock.

At this point, the wedding MC, evidently taken aback himself, can be heard saying “we have an unexpected situation here”, before adding that perhaps, “this is the reality of love”.

The groom, having been surprised by the sudden appearance of his ex-girlfriend, soon got out of his stupor and began to placate his bride.

Image: Sina News

But the damage’s evidently done, however, as the bride proceeded to storm off the stage.

Image: Sina News

Apparently, the ex-girlfriend had burst onto the ceremony just as the groom was about to kiss the bride on the stage.

Talk about a serious kissblock.

According to Star Video (which is affiliated to Hunan Legal Channel), the groom had broken up with his ex-girlfriend over differing personalities.

Here, you can watch the video down below:

Netizens react

Over on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent to Facebook), web users have expressed their support for the bride, and condemned the ‘unreasonable’ ex-girlfriend.

‘Do not destroy other’s relationship to satisfy your own obsession,” one comment read.

Another user said: ‘This is exactly why you can’t be friends with an ex.’

A third viewer wrote: ‘This is more than inappropriate. From the standpoint of the bride, how could the wedding carry on?’


Whichever it is, however, we can only hope that the relationship between bride and groom will be mended and that the ex-girlfriend, lovesick as she is, would one day find a true love of his own.

Lesson of the day?

Think twice if you intend to invite your ex to your wedding.

This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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