Video Of Man Punching A Driver In Road Rage Incident Goes Viral

Now, the roads aren’t the most pleasant place in the world to be in. They’re noisy, dusty, and sometimes outrageous.

Public transport can be infuriating if you’re caught in a jam with fifteen minutes to go before work starts (thank God for an understanding boss!).

But what takes it over the top is when someone unleashes his Shaolin Fists in your face.

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As if the roads are any place to practice one’s Shaolin kungfu in a mere moment of rage.
I mean, cars can spin out of control, but humans?

In the video, a Suzuki Swift driver got out at a red light and walk towards another driver of a black Hyundai coming out of his car as well.

The two men approached each other briefly before the Hyundai driver, who was slightly taller, unleashed a flying fist to the Swift driver’s face.

Staggered but not fallen, the Swift driver returned to his car, whipped out his handphone, approached the Hyundai yet again and filmed the Hyundai driver. The Hyundai driver opened his door for a second but did not pursue the case farther.

Now I’m not sure how you’d react after watching this video. Probably stunned, like me, whose logic-loving mind couldn’t figure out the context nor reason which the Hyundai driver punched his counterpart for.

However, the Suzuki driver later explained what happened:

“I’m the guy in the yellow car. This guy was trying to cut my lane and I honk back. He called me out and within two seconds the swing happened. I’m was with my two little ones. No point retaliating and showing my kids to do the wrong thing. Anyways police are on the case. Please watch out for this car plate.”

Whatever the reason, the roads are no place to practice kungfu. C’mon, we’re in the DIGITAL AGE, where almost every car is equipped with a secret eagle eye.

Anything—even the ant crawling on your hand—gets filmed (and sometimes uploaded somewhere online).

Image: Giphy

The Hyundai driver is a 54-year-old man and he is currently being investigated by police.

The incident happened at the junction of Jurong West Avenue 2 and Corporation Road about 1.20pm on 31st August.

A Separate Case of Road Rage

In May, an NTU professor was jailed for a week, fined $2,000 and slapped with a 6-month driving ban.

His crime: road rage; venting his fury by overtaking and braking his car in front of the other driver, and afterwards, using force on the guy.

Here’s my advice, if you’d allow me the pleasure:

There ain’t nothing that can’t be resolved over a cup of coffee. 


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