Video Of Postman Chasing Neighbourhood Dogs That Chased Him Goes Viral

Image: Facebook (Friends of Biru)


I‘ve always wondered why dogs tried to chase down postmen.

Though I’m pretty sure there might be some science behind it, this cartoon-like behaviour has carried on since the dawn of time.

Press F for the poor postman who had to deal with an unhappy Rottweiler.

Eventually, someone would get tired of getting chased. The chasee would rise up and become the chaser.

And why not have some fun with it as well?

The Postman Strikes Back

A video has surfaced from the Friends of Biru Facebook page, showcasing the standard fare of a postman getting chased by a dog. The dog seemed to actually be waiting for him to approach as well.

Image: Facebook

In fact, another neighbourhood pup seemed to think it was fun and decided to join in as well.

Image: Facebook

The real twist came when the postman was eventually cornered. You could hear him say, “Now it’s my turn to chase them!” and turned his bike around.


The dogs were apparently caught off guard as they turned back and started running back to their respective homes.

You can watch the full video here:

It’s honestly pretty darn adorable. 

Image: Know Your Meme

As of this writing, the video has garnered over 4700 comments and over 34000 reactions, most of them leaving likes or laughing reactions.

His initial reaction-run was understandable, anyone would do the same if a dog suddenly started chasing them. At least he turned the tables on the pup and had some fun with it!

Also, it provided some decent exercise for both parties.

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