Video of the Day: Lady Tried 5 Dirty Buns at 1 Go


Here’s something that I’ve learned throughout the years: Bumblebee is a human and not a robot, Mark Zuckerberg is a robot and there’s no logic in food trends.

Take, for example, the latest food trend: dirty bun.

It’s just a chocolate croissant overfilled with chocolate cream.

But this fad isn’t about a tasty food, or a good-looking one. The fad is that eating it would make your mouth dirty – the dirtier your mouth it is, the better it is.

And you’re supposed to film yourself eating it, or at the very least, show the end result of how it has made you look like a baby.

Obviously this only works for young, pretty ladies who are usually elegant, so that “dirtiness” makes her cute (see, where’s the logic?).

But if you remove the logic, it’s actually quite fun. And that’s coming from a viral video from Channel NewsAsia, whereby they posted a video of a lady (young, pretty, of course) trying out different dirty buns to determine which bun made the dirtiest mess…by measuring how long the chocolate reside is on her face.

The lady tried the dirty buns from Duke Bakery, BreadTalk, Bread Society, Swee Heng 1989 and Proofer Bakery, and one of them won by a mile (figuratively speaking lah). The best part of the video? She ate all five at one go.

Here, take a look.

Lest you can’t tahan watching it, here’re the results:

  • Duke Bakery = 9cm
  • BreadTalk, 5.5cm
  • Bread Society, 6cm
  • Swee Heng 1989, 6.5cm
  • Proofer Bakery, 5.5 cm

You’re, erm, welcome?

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