This Video of Someone Ripping Off a Taxi Number Plate Will Kill Off Your Tuesday Blues


Last Updated on 2017-12-27 , 1:51 pm

Now, it’s pretty usual to be ticked off when you see someone doing stupid stuff.

However, there are very rare instances in which you’ll find yourself laughing really hard instead. One scenario’s a comedy skit. Another is this one.

On 22 December, Facebook page SG Kay Poh uploaded a video to it’s Facebook page.

In the video, a woman can be seen interacting with the driver in front of the film taker.

At the 0:19 mark, the woman walks behind and reaches for the car boot. Evidently having some trouble opening it, she gives up and goes for the car trunk.

When that failed too, she reached for the number plate.

With all the strength and grace of Wonder Woman, she managed to rip the plate off in one try.

Image: SG Kaypoh Facebook Page
Image: SG Kaypoh Facebook Page
Image: NIXX Youtube


The video has garnered over 72K views, 753 likes & reactions as well as 878 shares in the last couple of days since it was posted.

Here are some of the more stereotypical comments:

Image: SG Kay Poh Facebook Page

One questioned where the woman hailed from.

Image: SG Kay Poh Facebook Page

One needed an actual gif to signify what he/she felt.

Image: SG Kay Poh Facebook Page

And one had a pretty interesting insight.

Image: SG Kay Poh Facebook Page

Although I would hate to imagine if the woman had grabbed something… else.

Anyways, remember guys.

Watch where you’re grabbing.


Or it might just all come off.

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Featured image: SG Kaypoh Facebook Page