Vietnamese Martial Arts Expert Aims High Kick At Wife For Moving TV Set

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One fine day, a Vietnamese man returned home to find out that his TV was no longer in the same spot that it used to be at.

No, this was not because it had been stolen, destroyed, or thrown away. His wife had simply just moved it to another room.

Now, there were two logical ways in which he could have reacted to that situation.

A) Deal with it and watch TV in another room

B) Move the TV back to where it was

Instead, he came up with his own option.

C) Get angry about it and punch, kick and hit your wife in the face while she is holding on to your two-month-old child

She Moved his TV and Got Beaten Up

A video was posted on Youtube on 27th August 2019 of a Vietnamese man brutally beating up his wife in their house.

The man, Nguyen Xuan Vinh, 32, is a martial artist. He lost his temper when he found out that his wife had shifted his TV set to another room in their house.

He can be seen punching and hitting his wife, even causing her to fall to the floor a few times. Once she gets up, he continues to shout at her and beat her. He even aims a high kick at her face at one point.

Image: YouTube

In between his attacks, another woman comes to her aid, but this doesn’t stop the man from continuing to assault her.

And the worst thing about it? She was holding their two-month-old baby the entire time.

Yes, a baby. He didn’t even stop to think that his actions could have led to him accidentally hurting his own child.

A young boy, probably their other child, walked into the area upon hearing the commotion but his father shooed him back into his room immediately.

The victim, Vu Thi Thu Ly, 27, is a well-known radio presenter for the national broadcaster, “Voice of Vietnam“. She uploaded the footage of herself being assaulted onto Youtube.


Image: The Daily Mail

The video was recorded by CCTV cameras in their house, located in the Long Bien district of Hanoi.

She Has Been Enduring Domestic Abuse For Years

Ms Ly had to be treated in this hospital after the incident.

She spoke to the local media about how she has been suffering at the hands of her husband for years. The couple is believed to have divorced due to previous cases of domestic abuse, and then got back together before the birth of their second child.

“His nature is a vicious hooligan, I have endured,” she said.

The video has been circling around Vietnam, but Vinh still has not been arrested.

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I honestly don’t get why. He should be behind bars by now.

If your partner is abusing you, leave. They’ll never change, and you’ll risk suffering serious injuries.

You can watch the video below:

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