Postman Caught Red-handedly Throwing Away Mails & SingPost Has Fired Him

SingPost has been in the headlines recently, from having an outlet robbed just this month to refunding a person an iPhone “out of goodwill”.

Poor SingPost.

Before they had time to get over the shock of having one outlet robbed, another potential problem appeared again.

Here’s what you need to know

We’re no strangers to receiving letters.

Granted, for young people nowadays, it’s mostly our monthly bills that we wish SingPost would “lose” along the way.

But I bet you’re not expecting this.

SingPost Postman Allegedly Caught Throwing Letters Away

On 10 Feb 2018, Facebook Page 新加坡华人华语俱乐部 uploaded a video compilation credited to Leena Nair, of a SingPost postman who was caught throwing stacks of letters into the bin. 

The original videos were already taken down.

The man who took the video is allegedly a client of SingPost, who engaged the Singapore Postal Service to distribute flyers for him.

Wait, hold up…SingPost distributes flyers?!

TIL: SingPost Mail Marketing Business


Do you find yourself wondering how advertising leaflets appear in your mailbox even though you locked flap of your mailbox?

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Mystery solved! SingPost put it in your mailbox.

Looking at the minimum charge of $500 excluding GST, it’s no wonder that the man got furious.

According to what he said in the video, he allegedly paid thousands of dollars and printed 7,150 flyers to be sent to the residents.

And he saw the postman throwing away 1,200 of them.

Now, if this was the only thing that was revealed in the video, the situation might still be salvageable.

But wait, there’s more.

SingPost allegedly forced Postman to do OT without pay

In a bid to explain himself, the postman tried to appeal to the man’s sense of sympathy. He claimed that he was very tired and his leg hurts.

In addition, he also mentioned that his supervisor forced him to work overtime. And that overtime was not paid.

Admirably, the man attempted to be reasonable.

While he can empathise with the postman for having such lousy employers, he cannot accept the reason because now, the postman is not being fair to him.

When he told the postman to open up the mailboxes for him to check, he couldn’t see a single flyer of his distributed.

Instead, they were in the bin

So here comes the question: how did he know it’s the postman who threw it away and not the residents themselves?

Simple deduction, my dearest Watson.

The letters were thrown into the bin in neat stacks. This wouldn’t happen if it was the residents throwing away.

Even letters from other senders were not spared.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

So there you go, a video that could land SingPost in hot soup, especially with their customers.

Of course, to give SingPost the benefit of the doubt, it could just be a one-time occurrence.

SingPost has since responded to the incident. According to The Straits Times, this happened in a condominium and they have dismissed the postman involved.

The spokesperson for SingPost has this to say: “His action is a serious failure of duty. We do not condone this and he has since been dismissed…We would like to apologise to the residents of the estate for the service lapse. We have since retrieved the mail and will be processing them.”

What would you do if you catch a postman throwing letters away?

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All images from Leena Nair via 新加坡华人华语俱乐部