The Voice of China became Super Chinese Vocal, but it might not air for this one important reason

Are you a fan of The Voice of China? If you are, you will not appreciate what we have to say. No, we got nothing bad to say about that show, because some of the writers in the office love the concept and talents found within the competition.

Recently, there was a dispute between Talpa Global, the copyright owner of The Voice‘s concept and Star China Media, their previous partner. A statement made by Talpa Global, as reported on Shanghaiist, mentioned that their partner (Star China Media) refused to pay the proposed amount, and instead wanted to pay even lesser than season two. Naturally, the negotiations fell apart.

Upon noting that they no longer have rights to use the concept, Star China made several tweaks to the show to reflect the change. The Voice of China will be remained as Super Chinese Vocal, and the logo will be changed to a simple “V”.


The mandarin name of the show remains the same: 中国好声音.

Needless to say, this landed the show in hot soup. To be exact, it led the show to be embroiled in a legal mess. On January 22, Talpa Global filed for interim injunction banning Star China Media from producing the fifth season of the show. On 28 January, Star China Media sued Talpa Global for unilaterally breaking the contract. Talpa has signed a letter of intent with Talent International to produce The Voice of China.

In a statement released by Talpa Global, they stated that Super Chinese Vocal is a “pirated”  version of The Voice of China, with the concept and judges retained in the show. They have stated that they will seek further legal measures to ban Star China from producing the show.

Super Chinese Vocal has passed the Chinese censorship and is slated to premier in July of this year.

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