Volunteer Shares Heartbreaking Experience With Elderly Couple Who Don’t Have Bed To Sleep On

Image: Lee Siew Yian Facebook

Although S’pore is a first world country that has the 3rd highest GDP per capita, there are people in this country who live in a very different kind of Singapore.

We usually joke about how poor people in the Goody Feed office are, but that’s because we know that we are all idiots down here who spend too much money on bubble tea and follow FOMO.

And when I say different, I mean that there’s an elderly couple who needs to sleep on this:

Image: Lee Siew Yian Facebook

That’s the actual bed, pillow, blanket. The whole thing there.

I mean, I guess… some people just prefer the minimalist life…

(escaping reality)

Image: 71714

Haha…ha… there still are poor people in our country huh.

Door knock session on 8 August 2019 at Bendemeer Road

The full story can be found on Facebook by Lee Siew Yian, who was volunteering for Keeping Hope Alive 让希望活下去.

This happened during a door knock session on 8 Aug 2019.

Door knock sessions are where volunteers knock on 1/2 room HDB flats to look out, listen and take action for people who are in need.

For instance, if they are unable to pay for bills, or if they need groceries or bus fare, refurbishment for bug-infested homes, helping elderly living on their own trim their nails, etc.

An elderly auntie opened the door, to which Ms Lee asked if she needed a mattress.

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The auntie first confirmed if it is free, which is when Ms Lee asked if she can go in to assess her needs.

But, there was no mattress. Not just lacking a mattress, the floor is empty.

Image: Lee Siew Yian Facebook

When asked about this, the Auntie replied…

“I sleep on a very thin ‘mattress’ and my husband sleeps on the chair.”

Image: Giphy

Ms Lee at this point was already holding back tears, so she asked, in her own words, a “stupid question”. They can give new mattresses, but it’s single-sized, so she asked how many they would like.

But, the auntie just said:


Imagination of what is going on in Ms Lee’s heart after hearing that:

Image: Giphy

Ms Lee wrote down “Two” on the paper.

Ms Lee’s short reflection

We meet all kinds of people. There are good ones, bad ones, grateful ones and greedy ones. We can’t expect everyone to be nice, grateful or sing praises of us when we help them. We should have NO expectations that they will be able to do something in return. We should not allow the ‘bad or greedy’ ones to discourage us from doing good.

We just do what we can. We do what is within our power. We give from our heart. We count our blessings that we have something to offer.

Netizens unanimously rejoice

When it comes to controversial topics, netizens are usually divided.

But good deeds are always appreciated and agreed to be good.

Image: Lee Siew Yian Facebook

There are some who offered a little social commentary along with the praise.

Image: Lee Siew Yian Facebook
Image: Lee Siew Yian Facebook

If you feel like contributing something after reading stories like this, you can contact them on Keeping Hope Alive 让希望活下去.

And to the volunteers who use up their own time for the betterment of others, my faith in humanity is restored.

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