Heartwarming: Volunteers in S’pore Deliver Cancer Patient’s Last Wish for a Special Dress & Funeral Photograph


While many harbour last wishes of travelling, savouring final moments with family, or relishing favourite meals, Mdm Chan’s final wish held a unique charm.

In a heartwarming story of community and compassion, a group of volunteers and nurses came forward to fulfil her last wish.

The Story of Mdm Chan

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Mdm Chan harboured a humble wish amid the growing shadows of her visibly deteriorating health.

All she yearned for was a specially tailored dress and a good photograph to be taken for her funeral.

As fate had it, a group of kindhearted individuals rallied to turn her wish into reality.

Support from Volunteers

Thankfully, the Art Therapy Unit from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) assisted Mdm Chan in sketching her dream dress. 

The intern visited Mdm Chan at the Outram Community Hospital (OCH), where they discussed preferences and additional requirements for the dress.

Swiftly, a band of volunteers orchestrated a team encompassing a tailor and a photographer.

Image: Facebook (Ambulance Wish Singapore)

Among the helpers, Sandy, a medical social worker at OCH, played a pivotal role in helping to source fabric samples for Mdm Chan’s selection.

The ensemble of volunteers also included Ros, the volunteer tailor, who diligently took the measurements and, within nine hours, crafted the exquisite ivory lace dress with a high collar. This effort came just in time for the pivotal photography session.

But that’s not all that happened. 

On the crucial day of photography, Mdm Chan seemed more fragile and less responsive than before.

Despite Mdm Chan’s weakened state on the photography day, the unwavering spirit of the volunteers alongside the hospital’s nursing staff shone through. 

With tender care, they applied Mdm Chan with light makeup and accessories.

Image: Facebook (Ambulance Wish Singapore)

Their gentle encouragement in a blend of Mandarin and Cantonese helped elicit a precious smile from Mdm Chan and keep her eyes open as the camera captured the moment.

This was an essential moment for Mdm Chan, who wanted a photo of her in her very own tailored dress.


Support from Netizens

In a world often overwhelmed with sadness, stories like Mdm Chan’s reiterate the profound impact of human connections and the undefeatable spirit of benevolence.

The post, showcasing several photos of Mdm Chan alongside the compassionate team of volunteers and nurses, was shared by Ambulance Wish Singapore on Facebook.

Since its posting, it has garnered close to 400 reactions, with numerous comments commending the volunteers involved in fulfilling Mdm Chan’s wish, and sending abundant blessings their way.