Vote for Your Favourite Restaurants in Chope Diners’ Choice 2018 & Enjoy Dining Perks

Let’s face it: we all have our own favourite restaurants, and they need not be a Michelin-starred restaurant. Sometimes, convincing your friends that your restaurant is worth the dough and calories isn’t easy, since taste is always subjective.

But what if you can get your favourite restaurant to win an award? You would no longer need to spend ten minutes convincing your friends that your go-to restaurant should be their next dining option: the award would do it for you.

Guess what? Democracy does exist in the F&B world! For now, you have the power to vote for your favourite restaurant in Chope Diners’ Choice 2018!

Chope Diners’ Choice 2018

With so many eateries in Singapore, it’s not easy to zoom in on a list of restaurants that deserve a spot in the awards. And so, Chope crowdsourced foodies all over Singapore to nominate their favourites from 8 October 2018 to 4 November 2018.

Seeing that it’s now 20 November, the list of nominations is out, and that could only mean one thing: it’s time to make your vote count.

Awards Separated into 10 Different Categories

Not everyone is into café food, and not everyone is into bars. To cater to different diners, there’s a total of 10 categories for you to vote for:

  1. Restaurant of the Year, presented by DBS PayLah!
  2. New Restaurant of the Year, presented by ST Food
  3. Bar of the Year, presented by Robert Parker Wine Advocate
  4. Deal-icious Restaurant of the Year, presented by Chope Deals
  5. Café of the Year
  6. Hottest Group Dining Hangout
  7. Best Bountiful Buffet
  8. ‘IT’ Restaurant of the Year
  9. Most Romantic Restaurant
  10. Regional Fan-Favourite

So yes, there’s a category for everyone.

Other than having an ego boost when your restaurant wins (and also becoming the foodie of your group), why should you vote?

Vote & Get Freebies

Lest you’re not aware, Chope is a dining platform that values diners as the knowledgeable authorities when it comes to dining out. I mean, numbers and reviews don’t lie, right?

Chope is also a restaurant reservation platform, and recently, they also offer deals that provide up to 50% off your meals.

Here’s the ticket: submit your vote and you can earn up to 500 Chope-Dollars for your future reservations!

Chope-Dollars are akin to loyalty points on the Chope platform which can be used to redeem for restaurant vouchers and lifestyle perks on the Chope app.

Vote to create more awareness for your restaurant while getting freebies: it’s the best of both worlds, indeed.

You can cast your vote here. If you’ve not downloaded the app, do download it here.

Finalists for the Chope Diners’ Awards

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the finalists:

Restaurant of the Year:

Cafe of the Year

Most Romantic Restaurant

Click here to view the full list of finalists and submit your vote now!

ST Food and ONE FM are the official media partner and radio station respectively for Chope Diners’ Choice 2018.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with Chope.