Old Chang Kee To Sell Limited Edition Durian & Jackfruit Curry Puff For Two Days Only (27-28 Jul)


Last Updated on 2018-07-26 , 6:09 pm

Okay, when i professed that I love everything durian, I wasn’t expecting this. Not in a million years.

I mean, durian curry puff?

I repeat. Durian. Curry. Puff.

Image: imgflip.com

Who could’ve come up with something like that? Well, only someone who’s extremely confident in their curry puffs would ever think of something like that.

Someone like Old Chang Kee.

Image: ZDL / Shutterstock.com

Old Chang Kee To Sell Durian Curry Puff & Jackfruit Curry Puff

At the end of July, Old Chang Kee is out to either impress (or depress) you with their latest crazy-science invention.


The Durian Curry Puff.

Image: tnp.sg

Imagine their signature curry puff.

Image: Old Chang Kee website

And add some durian to it.

Image: PongMoji / Shutterstock.com

Okay, I’d admit that even as a self-proclaimed durian fanatic, this might just be too much for me.

But then again, you’re talking about Old Chang Kee which managed to make chilli crab curry puff a thing.

Together with Nasi Lemak puff.

Image: 8days.sg

So at least they have a track record of pulling off some impossible stuff.

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And if durian isn’t to your taste, they have jackfruit curry puffs too

Image: tnp.sg

Imagine this: sweet, fragrant jackfruit with savoury curry in a crispy shell.

And since jackfruit is an ingredient that’s been used in traditional Indonesian, Indian Malay and Peranakan curry dishes for ages, it’s a lesser leap of faith for the uninitiated, if you get what I mean.

So, Where Can You Get Your Hands on These Babies?

I mean, durian curry puff and jackfruit curry puff? That’s practically a history-in-the-making stuff right there.

No matter how abhorrent, or amazed, at the idea you are, you’d definitely have to get your hands on some of that for yourself.

So here are the deets for you.

Image: Old Chang Kee

On 27 and 28 July 2018, make your way down to Velocity @ Novena Square Indoor Atrium and join Old Chang Kee on Curry Day 2018.

At this event, you can purchase both the Durian Curry Chicken O and Jackfruit Curry Chicken O at the price of $4 for 2 pieces.

By the way, they’re sold on a while-stocks-last basis, so you better fast-hand-fast-leg, huh.

Celebrating CURRY with S’poreans

Going all the way to Novena (especially if you stay in Jurong) for just two pieces of curry puffs?

Image: memegenerator.net

There’s more than that.

Like we said, it’s an Old Chang Kee event, so if that’s all their event is going to be about, we’re going to be damn disappointed.


Luckily, our espionage (read: ass-peon-nug) expert managed to dig out more information about the event.

And it’s looking exciting AF.

But because we’re not going to bombard you with information (it’s Monday, we’ll let your boss do that to you instead), we’re just going to tell you about some of the highlights in that event.

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Curry Puff Eating Competition

Image: Old Chang Kee

Fancy yourself a competitive eater? How about joining Old Chang Kee’s Curry Puff speed-eating competition.


Registration is free (but you got to register at the event in person) and you’d get a chance to win cash prizes:

  • First Prize: $388
  • Second Prize: $288
  • Third Prize: $188

When: 28 Jul 2018 (7-8 pm), Limited Slots Available

Free Lesson on Making Curry Puff

When it comes to curry puff, there are a few art forms you have to master.

One is, of course, cooking the delicious filling. And two, making the perfect curry puff pastry so that it won’t fall apart on you when you drop it into the hot oil.

Image: Old Chang Kee

At the event, you can learn how to crimp your own curry puffs as well from the experts: the guys behind the iconic puffs from Old Chang Kee.

Plus, whatever you make there? You can bring it home too!

When: 12-2 pm / 5-7 pm on both days (limited slots available)

Learn To Pound Your Own Curry Powder

Do your mom a favour and bring her to this event. Why? Because she can finally stop buying processed curry powder from supermarkets and make her own instead.

Image: Old Chang Kee

At the event, you can purchase raw spice and learn how to pound them into powdery goodness with the help of Old Chang Kee’s curry expert, The Spice Man.

When: 11 am – 9 pm on both days.

And more!

So what are you waiting for? Time to jio your curry-loving buddies out for a good time liao!

When: 27 & 28 Jul 2018

Where: Velocity@Novena Square, Indoor Atrium Level 1

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