Walk Your Fishes Like How You Walk Your Dogs With This Fish Tank Bag

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Ever fancied walking your goldfish Bob like how you would walk a Shiba Inu?

Well, here’s the day you’ve been waiting for.

For ages, fish owners have been filled green with envy as contemptuous dog owners parade their equally proud canines on the street.

But from the looks of it, equality may soon emerge between both sides of the equation.

Walk Your Fishes Like How You Walk Your Dogs With This Fish Tank Bag

Witness the all-new high-tech creation for pet fish owners:

An actual fish tank bag, in which you will be able to parade your very own Nemo (or Nemos, depending on whichever floats your tank).

Image: Youtube (PatrynWorldLatestNew)

Armed with a tank, handles and the appropriate devices to make sure that your fish doesn’t ‘drown’ mid-way, this techie would certainly appeal to fish-loving enthusiasts.

There will also be gizmos available to measure the oxygen saturation and temperature of the water, so no worries about your fish accidentally becoming Gordon Ramsay’s fish & chips under Singapore’s infamously hot sun.

Known as the Katsugyo bag, it’s also supposedly “divided into two units”, said the company behind it.

“So when you put in the fish, you can remove the aquarium, store the fish, then connect it to the main body and turn on the power.”

Not For Sale

Alas, much to the chagrin of our local fish-loving enthusiasts, I regret to say that the bag has not been made available for sale.

Apparently, it was still under development when the product went viral. It is unknown when the bag will be ready for purchase. As of today (29 May), all photos from their Instagram account has been taken down.

For the record, the bag is not exactly a pet-walking device either. Instead, it’s a techie that would ensure the safe transportation of your fish from the market to your home.

“Developing a fish bag (temporary),” states the product’s Instagram Bio. “It’s a product that carries the fish ‘live’. Bring the fish you caught and the live fish you bought at the market to your home.”

But there may just come a day when such pet walks would not be entirely out of the question, but become just as conventional as dog walks altogether.


“Let’s dream of a world where it is natural to carry a product like this,” said the makers.

Meanwhile, while we’re waiting for the introduction of the bag, why not put your fresh fishes (not pet fishes) in an actual LV bag like this kick-ass grandma over here?

‘Fish walking’ has never been more… luxurious in nature.

Featured Image: Youtube (PatrynWorldLatestNew)

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