Wang Leehom Has Confirmed Rumours of His Divorce from Wife of 8 Years


As one of the most recognisable faces in the Chinese pop industry, he has produced a series of hit singles since his debut in 1995. With 25 albums released and over 60 million sold-out copies, he sang songs like “Forever Love”, “The Hearts’ Sun and Moon”, and “Release Your Heart”.

Lest you’re still scratching your head wondering who I’m referring to, it’s Wang Leehom.

Apart from his singing career, he also has two daughters (aged seven and five) and a son born in 2018.

Who is the mother of these children, you may ask?

Well, it’s Wang’s ex-wife. Yes, he recently divorced.

Wang Leehom Confirms Divorce after 8 Years of Marriage

On Wednesday (15 Dec), Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Wang Leehom confirmed in a Facebook post that he indeed has filed for a divorce with his wife, Li Jinglei.

Wang mentioned that they possessed different ideas and plans for their future, which contributed to the separation. However, he also said that they “will always be family”.

Apart from highlighting his regret of not doing enough in the marriage for the past few years, Wang also wrote that he will not be making further media comments on this matter.

He has also requested the public for space and privacy for his family.

Here’s the post:

Repeating Rumours about Wang’s Rocky Marriage

Over the past two years, media reports have noted that Wang and Li lacked public appearances together. They also had little interaction on social media.

Previously, the couple would be more lovey-dovey and often posted pictures of each other on their socials.

And in this day and age, posting couple pictures on your social media is becoming like a sign of affirmation.

According to reports, Wang and Li were already preparing to part ways around 2017. However, Li became pregnant with their third child who was born in August 2018.

Apparently, it was also reported that  Li was also not on good terms with Wang’s mother, which was one of the reasons why they divorced.


Wang’s Career in the Entertainment Business

His career started when he released his first Mandopop album in Taiwan. Since then, he has released 15 more albums and also produced songs for other singers.

Wang also has four Golden Melody Awards under his belt for Taiwan’s top music award. Two of them were for “best singer” but the other two were for “best album producer”.

As an all-rounded star, he also participated in several movies. The rise in popularity throughout his film career began in Lust, Caution, which was directed by Academy Award-winner Ang Lee.

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