10 Facts About Wang Leehom Whom We Might Never See on Screen Again


In recent weeks, as we scroll through our socials, the names Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei seem to be always appearing.

If you’ve been keeping up with the divorce saga, good on you.

Otherwise, here’s a quick update. Yesterday (20 Dec), singer Wang Leehom posted an apology post on his social media.

He first began by saying that it is his fault for not managing the marriage well, which brought about trouble for his family. Wang also acknowledges that he has failed to live up to his image as an idol.

He then carried on by saying that he would not issue any further explanations in his defence as it was meaningless. After all, he and his ex-wife Lee Jinglei have already divorced.

Let bygones be bygones indeed.

In a turn of events though, Wang also announced that he will be stepping down temporarily off from the entertainment industry.


Reason? To focus on his parents and his children.

To know the full details of the saga in three minutes, watch this video to the end:

Now that you know about the scandel, here are ten facts you need to know about Wang Leehom, the man whom we won’t be seeing on screen for a while.

Married to his ex-wife in 2013

On 27 Nov 2013, Wang and his then 27-year-old girlfriend, Lee Jinglei, registered their marriage in New York.

Apparently, the couple chose to get married on that date back then for a special reason. Wang wanted his own wedding date to correspond with his parents’ wedding anniversary.

So romantic, right?

Wang Leehom’s Net worth

Wang is undoubtedly one of Taiwan’s highest-paying singers. However, one would question: Just how much is Wang worth?

Initially, the 45-year-old singer was estimated to have a net worth of S$49.1 million. However, the figure has been soon increased.

Reports now claim that Leehom is actually worth approximately S$147.3 million instead.

But of course, this is set to drop pretty sharply.

Was a top student back then

While some people look up to Wang as a phenomenal singer, others look up to him for his stellar academic performance.

Yup, he was an excellent young student.

In 1994, he was admitted to Williams College with honours. Leehom also received the National Merit Scholar.

P.S that is the highest honour for high school students in the United States.


In 1998, he then was awarded a bachelor’s degree from Williams College, a prestigious institute of higher education.

A year later, Wang also entered the Berklee Conservatory of Music, USA.

Violin prodigy

When we were younger, most of our parents would have signed us up for piano, swimming, or ballet classes.

For Wang, it was no exception.

He picked up the stringed instrument at the tender age of six. At 13 years old, Leehom became a violinist for a youth orchestra.

That was also the age where he composed his first-ever song. Meanwhile, what were we doing when we were 13?


Trophy collection is impressive

In June last year, Wang held a livestream concert and viewers got a glimpse of his house and elaborate trophy collection.

While performing from his Taipei office, he sang his hit “Our Song”. To end the performance, he took everyone on a tour in front of his floor-to-ceiling trophy cabinet.

Some may even describe the office as a “Wang Leehom museum”.

For those who don’t know, Wang is the man with four Golden Melody Awards. He also holds two Olympic torches as the torchbearer in 2008 and 2012.

The list of accolades goes on, but you get the point.


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Has 3 children

Throughout the saga that has unfolded and escalated in the past week, Leehom has since pledged to take accountability in raising up his children.

He said that he would also transfer the ownership of the house to his ex-wife’s name since she is the one living under the same roof with their children.

In total, Wang has three children.

  • Jiali, a seven years old daughter
  • Jiana, a five years old daughter
  • Jiayou, a three years old son.

Holds a Christianity faith

On 21 April 2013, Wang was the first Chinese singer invited to speak at Oxford Union at the University of Oxford.

Yes, he made history.

Wang was invited as the organisers felt that he has a significant influence in the Asian music world, and is a perfect fit to cultivate the Chinese culture.

He later then shared his testimony that the Christian faith has helped him to amplify his music dream.

Has been driving the same BMW car for 13 years

Despite being ultra-rich, Wang Leehom’s car is actually pretty low-key.


Unlike other artists who may like to drive sports cars to enjoy life, Wang is different. His humble BMW car has been serving him well for 13 years and counting.

In 2013, he attended the basketball league P.League+. However, his appearance at the event had a different reason.

Blackie Chen, who was also there, saw numerous scratches on the car and decided to lightheartedly question him on it.

Apparently, Wang explained that the scratches were due to his “poor parking skills”.

Last seen publicly on Saturday (18 Dec)

The singer was reportedly last seen returning from Beijing. He appeared to be calm and even waved at the cameras.

Lost at least 4 endorsement deals after saga

Remember when brands like Colgate and Nestle-owned beverage Milo ended their partnerships with Sylvia Chan after the NOC saga?

That same thing occurred to Wang.

As a celebrity, much of their success is dependant on their public image. If you’re found to have a wholesome reputation, many brands would want to be linked with you.

Otherwise, you can kiss goodbye to endorsement deals.

Japanese car company Infinite was the quickest to react. Last Saturday (18 Dec), they posted on Weibo announcing their termination of partnership with Wang.

Green Monday, a Hong Kong-based company that supplies plant-based products, also followed suit. In a Weibo post, they announced that Wang is no longer their brand ambassador.

Of course, there would be more to come.

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