Wang Lei Sold Over $1 Million Worth of Products in a 2-Hour Livestream from Paris Gucci Store


Over the past two years, livestream e-commerce has skyrocketed in Singapore. Many retailers have found worked their way around challenges highlighted by the pandemic.

First, we had S-Hook Jie Jie who emerged after a hilarious video of her selling a top went viral.

Then, we had Addy Lee, Michelle Chong, and Pornsak who reportedly made S$3.9 million in Facebook livestream sales in just two months.

Not only so, we also saw Wang Lei selling fish on Facebook as the pandemic struck.

In a turn of events, our “Sell Fish Brother” has now upgraded to selling branded goods instead.

Wang Lei Sold Over $1 Million Worth of Products in a 2-Hour Livestream from Paris Gucci Store

Recently, Singapore opened a vaccinated travel lane (VTL) with Europe. Wang decided to take his iconic sales skills across the globe and sold premium luxury goods in Paris.

We’re talking about Gucci goods, in particular.

Bet you didn’t know this: apparently, the store had a dedicated corner prepared for such livestreams. Since Wang is known for being boisterously loud and unfiltered, store assistants had to remind him to lower his volume on several occasions.

I hope the veteran getai singer didn’t retort with any vulgar quips.

Reader Bao: But ang mos also won’t know what chao ch- 

Despite the reminders, Wang went ahead with his usual entertaining self and modelled the bags with catwalks.


At the end of the livestream, Wang reportedly only spent two hours to cross the million-dollar threshold in terms of sales.

Sounds impressive.

At its peak, his audience numbers amassed to around 32,000.

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Wang was confident

Before the livestream, Wang told Lianhe Zaobao that he was positive he could make S$1 million in sales with multiple livestreams over a week.

Guess he was right. Except it took only two hours for him to reach that target.

Luxury goods are cheaper in Europe

Even though luxury brands are attempting to move towards a coordinated global price, the prices of popular products can vary by a large margin by country.

Typically, prices for luxury goods are the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. The UK is the least expensive on average.

Have y’all tried buying branded goods from Japan? Prices there can inflate by quite a bit.

This could be why people are going to livestream to buy; after all, it’s like AirFrov.

Live streaming is a form of “retailtainment”

Artificial intelligence solutions firm iKala conducted a report in October this year, and it was shown that sales from local live stream commerce increased by 29% in the first half of this year, compared with the same timeframe a year ago.


In other words…shopping in malls is so yesterday.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Wang Lei 王雷)