Wang Lei Managed to Reclaim His Logo in China After Someone Stole It


Apparently, Tesla had to register itself as “To-su-le Co.Ltd.” in China because someone had snapped the inventor’s real translated name before they could. 

Now, local getai talent Wang Lei has a happier story to tell.

Wang Lei Reclaims Logo in China

For those of us who are out of the loop, the local actor turned to Facebook live streaming after the cancellation of getai performances, selling anything under the sun with his expletive-laden videos.

His new online venture has been hugely profitable internationally, attracting fans from Chinese-speaking communities in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. 

Wang even admitted himself that his new business yielded two to three times the profits of a getai show in just one hour.

Keep up with the times, y’all. And you’ll be rewarded.

But as he sought to extend his brand into China under the logo “Fishmonger Bro”, he discovered that a certain Mr Feng from Fujian stole the trademark a month ago.


This meant he couldn’t register his trademark, and even lost a court case in China trying to do so.

He detailed the story in a furious Facebook post, aggrieved that his “legitimate logo became a counterfeit” and that the “fruits of his arduous labour had been robbed by someone else in plain sunlight”. 

He even called this Mr Feng “a licensed robber”, which is understandable considering what he did… was basically daylight robbery.

You can read the Facebook post below:

But now, he has finally reclaimed legal ownership of the logo.

“After fighting the case for 6 months”, Wang wrote in a Facebook post dated 19 June, “limpeh has finally won the case in China”, and that his trademarked products could finally enter the Chinese market.

Yay for him!

Apparently, his live streams are so popular that Chinese citizens would brave the Great Firewall trying to watch his broadcasts, and recordings are everywhere on Bilibili and Douyin, which is what TikTok is known as in China.

Accompanying the post is a photo of a jubilant Wang holding what looks like salted fish, and Chinese government documents confirming the copyright of the logo is his to own.

Netizens are thrilled too that justice has finally been restored.

One comment notes that “what’s real can’t be fake, and what’s fake can’t be real. All the best!”, while another teases Wang’s typically agitated demeanor by saying “congratulations; I’m scared you’ll get a stroke while live streaming otherwise.”

You can check out the original post below:


Feature Image: Facebook (Wang Lei 王雷)

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