Wang Lei Got into Trouble in M’sia Again, This Time for Uncouth Response

Most of us know Wang Lei as that famous Singaporean livestreamer who isn’t afraid to do ridiculous things to sell his products. Some of us may remember him as a veteran getai singer.

It seems like the former impression of him is the norm among Malaysian politicians, who used him as an example of vulgar and uncouth behaviour. And his response… doesn’t really do anything to dispute that claim.

Cleaning the Internet

According to Malaysian news Oriental Daily, the chairman of the political party Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA)’s Women’s Group, spoke of Wang Lei in an interview on 7 August.

While talking about how the local police should “clean the internet” of pornography and vulgar behaviour, she singled out internet celebrities who “promote mischief on social media”. She then specifically named Wang Lei as an example.

Chairman Wang Sai Zhi (transliterated from Chinese) said that Wang Lei’s videos and broadcasts were often vulgar and obscene. There have been many complaints from women’s organisations that demanded action to be taken against Wang Lei.

For instance, he painted male genitals on his face, and blew up condoms to be used as balloons during live broadcasts. These, she feels, aren’t merely telling jokes to promote a product, and are instead promoting pornographic behaviour.

The chairman said that Wang Lei’s large online following may be influenced by him to promote such vulgar behaviour, negatively impacting society.

Other than vulgar behaviour, she has also urged police to crack down on online prostitution by shutting down sugar daddy sites.

“Sell Yourself” To Raise Money?

In response to Chairman Wang’s comments about him, Wang Lei said that he had raised a million ringgits to fund the building of Guangyu Primary School in Penang.

Challenging Chairman Wang to donate, he said that he will match her donation. If she has no money to donate, she could “sell” herself.

Basically telling a politician to be a prostitute lah. And saying that his vulgar behaviour has contributed to social good via funding of education.

Additionally, during a live broadcast, Wang Lei reportedly unbuttoned his pants and said, “Did I take it off for you to see? I’m merely talking about it.”

Insulting Chinese Education

Of course, Wang Lei’s response only triggered Chairman Wang even more.

According to Chairman Wang, Wang Lei linking prostitution to donations for Chinese education is an insult, and tarnishes its reputation.

She went on to talk about how Chinese education was built upon the foundations of the ancestors, and that every cent donated is pure and holy. Wang Lei’s comment has thus tarnished the purity of education.

Did Not Mean to Target Anyone

Despite the heated comments, Chairman Wang said that she did not mean to target anyone with her words. Instead, her goal is merely to put an end to online pornography and to defend the dignity of women.

She also said that the fundraising matter that Wang Lei raised has nothing to do with what she is advocating, and calls for the public to not be confused.

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Wang Lei Should Humbly Accept Criticism

Oh, you thought Chairman Wang’s semi-apology was the end of the saga?


On 10 August, the secretary-general of MCA, Zhang Shengwen, responded to this entire saga by saying that Wang Lei went too far.

Zhang said that Wang Lei’s comment about telling the chairman to sell herself for money was “too much”. He also said that as a public figure, Wang Lei should be able to withstand criticism and accept it humbly, instead of attacking others viciously.

Zhang also pointed out that MCA’s Women’s Group has always held the same stance when it comes to pornography and vulgar culture on the internet. It has only sparked controversy now because the chairman named an Internet celebrity.

He then called for the public to not slander Chairman Wang over this incident.

Not the First Saga in Malaysia

Earlier this year, Wang Lei was involved in another saga in Malaysia.

After a lady went missing in Malaysia, Wang Lei offered cash reward for information about the lady. That was slammed by a Malaysia politician as it could encourage people to kidnap the lady for the reward.

Malaysian influencers then weighed in on the issue, and Wang Lei doubled down on his action, going on a war of words with the politician and influencers.

You can watch this two-minute summary of what happened:

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Featured Image: Oriental Daily