Watch: 28YO Actor-Singer Aliff Aziz Arrested While Drunk Near Orchard Towers


A video of a man has gone viral all over social media, and a rather embarrassing one at that.

But you must be wondering why it even went viral. I mean, the police and the general public must see drunk people on the street every other day.

What’s the big deal?

Well, when you throw in local celebrity, disorderly conduct and past unruly behaviour into the mix, you get one big pot of drama.

28YO Actor-Singer Aliff Aziz Arrested While Drunk Near Orchard Towers

The video in question features two police officers pinning a man down at Orchard Road. The man is wearing black and is believed to be Aliff Aziz.

When I say road I mean road. He was literally by the side of the road.

The man in black is heard yelling “I never resist” while being pinned down. His location is also believed to be near Orchard Towers.

He also earnestly shouts “Abang tak buat apa-apa ayah”, “tolong abang ayah” which translates to “I didn’t do anything dad” and “help me dad”.

He also looks like he’s on the phone at one point yelling at someone else on the other line before his right hand is pulled back to be handcuffed.

Tried To Run Away

According to Mothership, the man in the video is Aliff Aziz.

In another video, he was seen waving his hands in the air and trying to get out of the policeman’s grip. He also tried to run away from the police before he was pinned down.

The person who took the video explains in Malay that Aliff had tried to find fault with another man. The man had allegedly punched him after Aliff spoke to him.

A policeman then arrested Aliff.

Past Drama

This is not the only drama that Aliff has been involved in.


This year, he divorced his wife after allegedly cheating on his wife a grand total of four times.

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