Watch: GrabFood Rider Now Rides On Grass Instead Of Footpath To Overcome Ban

We’ve all heard the latest scoop that has taken our humble island by storm.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced a ban of electric scooters of common footpaths islandwide as a means to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

While others rejoiced the long-awaited solution to the EDM plague, some were simply dejected by the “tragic” news.

Image: SGAG

I’m not talking about our friendly neighbourhood mats and bengs, I’m talking about our trusty food delivery men.

The answer to your midnight cravings and your mid-day pangs of laziness… Heaven-sent sans the obnoxious EDM.

While others succumb to the bad news, some merely sought an alternative solution.

Image: Giphy

You know how it goes, if you can’t break the rules, you simply bend the rules to your favour – and that exactly is what this GrabFood rider has done.

A Logical Solution To Overcoming the Ban

According to LTA, the e-scooter ban was not an outright eradication of the mobile means of transport. E-scooters were still allowed on cycling paths and park connectors.

But then again, not every destination is accessible through either means.

Technically, he isn’t breaking any of the rules that LTA has enforced.

He was neither on the road nor was he riding along the footpaths. He is still very much your typical law-abiding Singaporean who lives with the rules in mind…

Nothing wrong here? Move along we shall?

He even lifts his e-scooter the moment he reaches the end of the grass patch! A gracious citizen trying to make a living.

Image: Facebook (Niny Ahbee Punyer)

Every sister would stan a hard worker like this man right here.

Image: Facebook (Niny Ahbee Punyer)

Somebody give him a medal!

Image: Know Your Meme

But of course, it remains unclear what the verdict is behind his actions. Is it legal? Is it not legal? Will this pose another chain of problems for the authorities?

This we shall find out in the next few days.

You can take the PMD off the road, but you can’t take the road off the PMD.


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