Watch: M’sian Family Beats Up & Chases Two Robbers Who Entered Their Homes Wielding Axes

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The only other thing that I love about wrestling other than its awfully scripted dialogues is sibling tag teams. It ticks all the boxes!

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Cringe-inducing sappy dialogue that makes you want to crawl under a rock?  They’ve got it. An undeniable on-screen chemistry better than Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello? Speak no more!

A sibling tag team is the Neapolitan ice-cream of WWE tag teams. The Hardy Boyz can like… Totally get it. It’s the entire package wrapped in fancy paper and a bow.

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Now imagine a family tag team. I admit, it’s a bit ambitious. Unless you’re that family from Kulai in Johor Bahru.

Son Fought Off The Robbers 

In the wee hours of Nov 19, the family’s terrace home in Kulai was broken into by two armed robbers. The whole incident was captured on the family’s CCTV camera.

To the perpetrators’ surprise, the 27-year-old son was awake and playing video games in the living room.

According to Sin Chew Daily, he was quick to respond and immediately swung into action, fighting off the two axe-wielding men. He even attempted to snatch an axe from one of the men while the other attacked him with random household objects.

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That’s a chair right there.


Family Woken Up By Commotion 

Not long after, the rest of the family were awakened by the unfolding chaos outside.

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The rest of them hastily charged at the two men in a desperate attempt to help their son fend off the men. Meanwhile, the robbers haphazardly grabbed whatever was on sight and utilised it as a weapon.

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The men, realising that they were very much outnumbered, eventually gave up and retreated from the scene when the family started chasing them out of the house.

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Thankfully, none of the family members sustained serious injuries.

Now, where were we with the WWE tag team conversation? Right, family tag teams! Well, WWE can definitely check this one out. As for everybody else, please invest in high-quality locks for your gates.

Nowadays, it’s just better to be cautious. Remember kids, safety is sexy.