Watch: New Happening ‘Club’ Opens At Geylang With Free Cover Charge; Drinks Not Included

Clubs, bars, pubs are all the rage these days. But many of my friends have complained about how expensive they can be.

Overpriced drinks? Check. Pricey cover charge? Check. Long queues to the bathroom? Check.

But what if I told you that there’s a super-secret new club opening at Geylang without all the disadvantages of a typical club. Best part? Only a handful of people know about this.

New Inclusive ‘Club’ Opens At Geylang With Free Cover Charge; Drinks Not Included

You must be thinking: Huh? New club? A new one opens every other day what makes this one so special ah? All clubs same only. Might as well go to siam dius and see the siam bus.

I hear your complaints and worries and I’m here to promise you that this new club will be worth your time.

Image: Giphy

For starters, it’s free. Yes, no overpriced cover charges here.

Secondly, it’s inclusive, meaning anyone can visit it. Doesn’t matter who you are, how short or tall you are, or how old you are, everyone’s welcome!

That’s all the perks I can think of…

And without further ado, I will reveal the club name.

Okay, fine. This particular club has no name okay? So let’s call it the Secret No Name Club. But while I can’t tell you it’s ‘official’ name, I can tell you where you can find it.

One word. Geylang. No, not Yishun. I’ll say it again, Geylang.

Now you must be wondering in exasperation: Where!? Where in Geylang?!

Secret No Name Club At Geylang

A video was posted recently by All Singapore Stuff on Facebook:

New Club at Geylang

<Reader's Contribution by Jaya>Anyone gg to dis new club outside City Plaza tonight?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

It shows a group of mostly girls dancing and gyrating to the loud Electronic Dance Music (EDM) music opposite City Plaza.

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For those wondering, the song in this video is an EDM remix of Alan Walker’s song ‘Lily’. You’re welcome.

19 seconds into the video you can even hear someone making a sound that sounds like a mating call. Although there could be a chance the sound is part of the music.

Shortly after, someone shouts “Ehhhh!”

If there’s anything weird about this, it’s that their dancing in broad daylight, since, understandably, most partygoers are creatures of the night.

Other than that, this occurrence is totally normal. Move along people, just an ordinary everyday sight.

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Great Dance Moves

I must commend their amazing dance moves.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

You can see people swaying left and right and waving their hands in the air. Although all of them possess sick dance moves, I have a favourite.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

The lady in the turquoise green shirt is in her zone. Her dance moves are on point.

Image: Giphy

In All Seriousness

In all seriousness, these ladies are just having a bit of fun and I genuinely think it’s a great activity to do.

Many netizens agreed with me.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Many netizens speculated that they’re domestic helpers who are “just destressing” and felt that they deserve the fun after working for so many days.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Others found it admirable that such free ‘activities’ were enough to make them “contented” while us Singaporeans have to spend on expensive items and “pursue high-end gadgets”.


Point made and I can’t say I disagree.

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