Watch: ‘Paranormal Activity’ Captured On Camera As M’sian Tries To Eat His Meal In Peace


I’m not a fan of horror. I’ve always hated horror movies no matter how ridiculous they may sound.

Some people may not believe in the paranormal, while some do, whether it’s because of certain things they’ve experienced or whatever. Whether you believe it or not, it’s not up to me or anyone else to judge.

We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but what would you say if you saw this video with no context?

How would you explain this phenomenon?

A Twitter user @HellmyAnwar uploaded a video that showed a swivel chair spinning around by itself while he was having his meal.

In the video, he can be heard begging the ‘entity’ to stop bothering him and to let him just eat his food in peace.

He also added that there was still a lot of food left, and he even had prawns, so he couldn’t run away just yet.

Image: Twitter (@HellmyAnwar)

Honestly, if that happened to me, I would be out of there faster than you can say “go”.

Thankfully, after a while, the entity stopped disturbing him and he managed to finish his meal afterwards.

The video he uploaded was later shared more than 15,000 times and got more than 300,000 views.

The ‘Ghost’ Chair

After seeing his tweet blow up overnight, he probably felt obligated to clarify that his paranormal activity video was in fact just a prank.

There were no special effects that were used, nor were there any strings that he used to swivel the chair around.

So how did the chair move?

He went on to explain that the ship he works on requires the chair to be stuck to the floor.

Hence, without having wheels to move around, the chair automatically swivels to counter the act of gravity of the moving ship, giving the impression that an entity is spinning the chair around.


So it wasn’t something paranormal after all.

But hey, without context, anything can look like there’s some paranormal thing going on, right?