Ways to Ensure That Your PMD Doesn’t Catch Fire While Charging

Personal Mobility Devices have taken over the streets of Singapore because it makes travelling around the town an easier and more enjoyable undertaking.

But PMD-related fires are becoming more and more common and have even claimed a life. According to the SCDF, most of the 74 PMD and PAB fires in 2018 occurred during charging or shortly after.

So, how do you charge a PMD without fear of it catching fire?

Here are 7 things you can do to prevent your PMD from catching fire while charging.

1. Use a certified PMD

The first and most important thing you should do is to purchase a PMD with the UL2272 certification. This is because the certification requires PMDs to pass a series of electrical, mechanical, and environmental tests, which decreases the chances of deformities.

2. Don’t overcharge

Many PMD fires start because the batteries were left charging overnight. Moreover, some batteries do not come with the automatic power cut-off function. So, always be aware of how long you charge your batteries.

3. Use an approved battery charger

Always use an approved battery charger or AC adapter with the safety mark. The safety mark can be found on the product or on its packaging.

Image: The Finder

4. Do not charge near combustible substances

Never charge your PMD near combustible substances or heat sources. One PMD recently caught fire because it was charged in a kitchen.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

5. Charge it in the right place

Charge your PMD on a hard, flat surface in a cool room and never cover the PMD with any fabric. These measures will allow it to dissipate heat more effectively.

When your device charges, it generates heat. And if heat isn’t allowed to dissipate, it’ll increase the chance of burning up.

6. Inspect batteries regularly

Before charging your PMD, check its batteries for any signs of damage or deformities such as bloated or corroded batteries or powdery residue. These deformities are signs that the battery is damaged and could catch fire if charged.

7. Never charge batteries immediately after riding

Image: Ingus Kruklitis / Shutterstock.com

One mistake that many owners of PMDs and PABs make is to charge their batteries immediately after riding because their batteries are running low. However, PMD batteries get hot when used and need some time to cool down after use to prevent overheating.

Being a PMB/PAD owner comes with certain responsibilities because of the risks associated with the device.

So, make sure to take the necessary measures to ensure that it doesn’t put you or those around you in danger.


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