We Tried McDonald’s New Salted Egg Yolk Fries & It Tastes More Like Honey Mustard Fries


Last Updated on 2019-01-06 , 11:56 am

A wise man once said, “The day that salted egg yolk goes out of trend is when Goody Feed is banned from society altogether.”

I concur: salted egg yolk trend is like Goody Feed: you hate it, but you still want it. You want to bring it to your backyard and burn it, but you don’t have a backyard. You cry at the “everything salted egg” trend but still buy it whenever a new salted egg dish appears.

Just like this new item from McDonald’s that we’d love to hate, and yet hate to love:

Yeah, if you’ve not been to our app yesterday, you would have completely missed this, because McDonald’s thinks it’s a good idea to salted egg their fries.

(Did I just use “salted egg” as a verb?)

Lest you’re not aware, our favourite M (not that M, you dirty fellow) has been going on some “fries trend” by uploading posts about their fries and trying to trend #friesyoulove

Maybe it’s a precursor to this latest item, but anyways.

Yesterday, one of us sneaked into our boss’s room to steal his credit card, and that could only mean one thing: we’re going to try it for you.

Because we’re good like that.


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McDonald’s Claim

Before anything, we need to know what it really is (this is important; read on and you’ll understand). As claimed by McDonald’s, it’s “a drizzle of Salted Egg Yolk sauce with a hint of sweetness and curry leaf note, poured over the crispy sizzle of our world famous fries to make you fall in love all over again.”

Okay, got it. What you might not know is that the full name is apparently Salted Egg Yolk Loaded Fries, and it shows in the box:

Right, looks great on the outside.


First Look

When you see the word “loaded”, what comes to your mind?

To us, it’s this: the infamous cheesy loaded fries that’s so not loaded.

But lo and behold: McDonald’s has learned from its lesson, because this time round, it does look loaded:


But there’s just something wrong. Something really wrong.

Is our resident cat peeing again? Is our resident dog licking our cups again? Is our resident bull shitting on our boss’s table again?

Turns out it’s a strong smell from the fries, and I kid you not when I say this: It seems like bacon.

One of us thinks it’s funky, one thinks it’s weird and one thinks it smells…salty (or maybe he’s just salty because he didn’t get to eat it).

With such strong smell, everyone’s got to try it and trust me, it’s going to be a review you’d have never expected.


How Does It Taste?

Usually, people in Goody Feed quarrel over who should clear the cat’s poo, but our tongues have often been unanimous. But this salted yolk fries, which really don’t taste anything remotely close to salted egg, have everyone giving different opinions.

For a start, everyone agrees that if not for the box, no one would think that it’s salted egg yolk #votesareunanimous

The sauce, to me, tastes more like sour cream mixed with sugar and blended with bacon. In fact, I’ve to dig into the sauce to ensure that there’s no hidden bacon in it. And yet, at the same time, it tastes salty, too.

Simply put, it’s a yellow sauce that’s sour, sweet and salty. Add in some bitterness and it’ll be a Captain Planet of all tastes, but anyways.


Colleague A tastes mere sourness; he thinks it’s just sour cream and nothing else. Yet he, too, goes “oh yes BACON!” when I merely whispered bacon. However, to him, it’s all sourness and nothing else. Maybe he’s made of lemon, but moving on…

Colleague B thinks it’s sweet, almost like curry. Given that he didn’t read the description on the McDonald’s website prior to this, his description is the closest to what McDonald’s claims, since there’s “hint of sweetness and curry leaf note”. But unlike Colleague A and me, he couldn’t fathom why we tasted the saltiness.

Then we gave it to Colleague C who took a bite and said, “Honey mustard ah? It’s weird,” and left it at that.

But Colleague C aptly sums it up: it’s the weirdest salted egg sauce we’ve ever tried, and tastes more like honey mustard instead of salted egg sauce. If there must be a correlation between salted egg yolk and this new item, I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s the name.

Either that or someone in McDonald’s is drunk when he or she is coming out with this item #justsaying

But is it worth a try?

Shockingly enough, despite its dissociative nature with salted egg yolk, it’s a rather decent piece of goodness. The combination of almost all tastes is refreshing, and even addictive—I’d actually prefer this to cheese fries.

So if you can disregard the name, I’ll suggest you to try it at least once. Or twice.


Rating: 4/5

Peach Pie

McDonald’s doesn’t usually stop at one when it comes to new item: the other new item that looks like a cutout of an unhealthy artery is Peach Pie, and according to McDonald’s, it’s a “smooth fillings of white peach chunks wrapped in a bubbly and crunchy pink shell.”

In real life, it doesn’t look like an artery but rather an apple pie made for a 14-year-old girl.

This is a love or hate item: I quite hate it because it reminds me of those packaged peach tea which I abhor. If you like them, then you’re going to love this because it’s so authentic, you’d wonder if someone has just pour a bottle of peach tea into the pie.

And by the way, I’m not going to rate this because I’ll be so bias, I’ll be doing some injustice to the item.

Both the salted egg yolk loaded fries and peach pie are now available in all McDonald’s outlets, with the fries at $4.40 and peach pie at $1.70.

If you get a meal, you can upsize your meal to the salted egg yolk loaded fries, but that’s of course going to cost way more than a usual upsized meal.