Warm Weather to Continue for the Rest of April Even When It’ll Rain Often

Do you feel like melting as you walk to the MRT station?

Well, this is going to continue, as the weatherman has spoken: the hot weather will persist for the next two weeks.

Warm Weather to Continue for the Rest of April with Some Rain

The hot weather in Singapore will persist through the end of April, despite the expected thundery showers.

According to forecasts, the monsoon rain band will remain near the equator for the next two weeks, causing thundery showers over parts of the island, primarily in the afternoon.

This means thundery showers are expected on most days.

These showers may start in the late morning on some days and could be widespread and heavy.

Singapore’s rainfall for the latter half of April 2024 is predicted to exceed average levels across most of the island.

However, temperatures are likely to remain high, with daily temperatures ranging from 25 to 34 degrees Celsius, occasionally reaching about 35 degrees Celsius on certain afternoons.

You can watch this video to know why Singapore is getting hotter:

It’s Not Just You

Felt super hot in the last two weeks? It’s not just you.

According to the NEA, the first two weeks of April 2024 were warm, with nine days registering temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius or higher.

Most of these days occurred in the first week of the month. The highest temperature, 36.2 degrees Celsius, was recorded near Jurong on 6 April 2024.

Conversely, the lowest maximum temperature of the month, 29.2 degrees Celsius, occurred on 12 April 2024, due to rainy weather and cloudy conditions.