It’ll Continue to Rain Regularly for the Next Two Weeks, With Less Rain in the Later Part of the Month


It’s been raining, and shining; then it’s raining while it’s shining.

Remember when it was reported that May is going to be a very wet month, at least in the first half?

New update: We’re going to see more rain in the next two weeks. But towards the end of the month, not so much.

Short Thundery Showers Over Many Areas 

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said that “in the coming fortnight, localised short-duration thundery showers can be expected over parts of the island in the late morning and early afternoon on most days”.

This is due to the Southwest Monsoon season that is setting in soon.

This means that most of the wind we feel will be coming from the southeast or southwest, and it’s getting stronger and stronger.

This monsoon will typically last till September.

Because of the strong winds, don’t be surprised when you feel “gusty winds” that will accompany the islandwide thundery rain “on a few mornings”.

However, during the last week of May, it “may be less wet”.

I think it’s safer to bring an umbrella wherever you go, you know, just in case.

Warm and Humid Nights Expected 

Someone play “Too Many Nights” by Metro Boomin and Don Toliver.

It’s the only way we can cope with MSS saying that there may be nights that are going to be warm and humid in the next two weeks.

MSS said that this happens when winds from the southeast bring warm, humid air from the seas over to the island.

On “some days” the minimum night-time temperature will go up to 28°C while the daily maximum temperatures are “likely to range” between 33°C to 34°C “on most days”.

On “a few days” (hopefully rarely) when there are “few clouds in the sky”, the maximum temperature can reach around 35°C.

Above Average Rainfall and Temperature in the Past Two Weeks

Over the past few weeks, we experienced thundery showers on most days of May.


MSS said that although that was the case, we had 10 days where the maximum temperature reached at least 34°C.

Yes, that means that there were days where the maximum temperature exceeded 34°C, such as on 14 May in Choa Chu Kang, where it hit 36.1°C.


MSS also reported that in the Lower Pierce area, there was an 182 per cent rainfall anomaly (the highest). In other words, that area received more rain than usual – a deviation of 182 per cent.

You can refer to this anomaly map to see which area had more or less than average rainfall in the past two weeks.

Source: Meteorological Service Singapore

Prepare For The Next 4 Days

Here’s the four-day weather outlook.

Source: Meteorological Service Singapore

You might want to have a backup wet weather plan for your outdoor activities and be prepared for soaked socks and shoes.