Useful Website to Check Your Polling Station & Time Band ‘Coz No One Checks Letterbox Anymore


As the finale of Game of Thrones: Singapore is approaching fast, I think we’re all a little excited to see who wins the Iron Throne in the Parliament.

Unlike the actual Game of Thrones, the winner will be decided by our own votes.

This way, we can ensure that the throne doesn’t end up in the hands of some unqualified individual.

Editor: Hey, Game of Thrones ended last year. Get over it.


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But like I said, our votes are important as it decides the fate of our nation the next 4 to 5 years.

Polling Day

Even if you’re uninterested in politics like me, it is important to at least take note of the candidates in your GRC or SMC.

After all, it is the responsibility of every Singaporean.

To find out that the political parties and candidates in your area, simply check out our nifty articles here for GRCs and SMCs. This way, you only have to take note of the news and speeches of the candidates in your electoral division.

You: But wait, how do I know for sure what is my electoral division?

Me: Fret not, I will get to that very soon.

The important date to take note of is 10 July 2020. Yes, it’s a public holiday, but more importantly, it’s a public holiday so that we can go down to cast our vote.

But where and when do we do it?

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Polling Station Enquiry

As any first-world smart nation, we are moving everything online.

You: Eh, then why can’t we cast our votes online? Now pandemic sia.

Me: Well, it’s a massive disaster waiting to happen. You could read up more here.


But at least, gone are the days we have to check our letterboxes for such information.

Now, you have to do is login here and they will tell you everything.

Image: Elections Department Singapore

Upon entry to the website, you will be greeted by this login page.

After entering your NRIC and ensuring the government that you’re not a robot hellbent on destroying the human race, they will then display your respective electoral divisions, polling stations, and time bands.


As an example, my electoral division is Ang Ku Kueh, and I will have to go down to Baddy Feed Secondary School on Ang Ku Kueh Street 888 to vote between 4pm to 6pm.

Isn’t that convenient?

Goody Feed also have a live image of my electoral division at this moment, and everyone’s fighting for it:

Image: Carousell

So remember, cast your votes wisely.

Jon Snow should be the one on the throne.

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