Wedding Between McDonald’s & uberEATS: What’s the Logic Behind This Marriage?


Now here’s something you’d never expect to read in the news. There’s a union happening behind a famous food delivery company here, and it is to one of the most in-demand fast food brands in Singapore.

Yes, McDonald’s and uberEATS are about to start working together.

What’s the deal with that anyway? Doesn’t McDonald’s already have McDelivery?

Here’s the scoop that you HAVE TO KNOW. Or your brain will burst with the questions inside popping out!

The Reason Behind It

The main game is to elevate the online food delivery presence for McDonald’s Singapore, with a joint effort between uberEATS and McDelivery.

Ha, so they’re not doing away with their good old delivery line (which, honestly, has always been perfect so far).

McDonald’s basically wants to up their delivery capacity to be able to support more food orders, and uberEATS helps them by getting the food to you when you want it at its respective fast speed.

From now on, all it takes to get you McDonald’s ASAP at home or at the office is a tap of the button, and nothing more!

This is not a new move, either, as it has already been initiated back in August this year with Jurong East and the Central Business District on board. Since 24 October though, customers can also order for their favourite McDonald’s set meal and other items using the uberEATS app, which is now open to 60 restaurants.

By the end of 2017, expect to see even more McDonald outlets on the uberEATS list. The respective uberEATS fee will apply when you place an order.

Here’s another thing which you should know too. McDonald’s delivery is 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, while uberEATS operates between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

By having a delivery partner in uberEATS, McDonald’s can in a way streamline the orders which comes through by sharing its delivery with uberEATS, which is especially helpful during peak hours.

No extra drivers needed nor costs, as all it takes is an agreement between the two big brands.

The partnership also opens an extra avenue for McDonald’s to get customers. People who usually order their meals through uberEATS now have another choice to pick from, and hey, when you have a craving for a burger that’s delicious and with a decent price on uberEATS, there’s just one way to go – order and checkout!

Sure, there could also be a drop in the number of orders by McDelivery, but if it’s compensated by its uberEATS end, then it is a win-win situation at the end of the day lor.

After all, McDonald’s just want to sell more burgers, isn’t it?


The brand-new marriage will be accessed in between to ensure that it is functional, and we do hope it continues.

What we mean is, if it brings a McSpicy to you in Uber-record time instead of having you wait at peak hours, there’s certainly no complaints!

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