Wedding Day Becomes A Disaster When Couple Encounters Flood But They Continued Anyway


A lot of effort is put into planning a wedding to ensure that the actual day is absolutely perfect for the groom and the bride.

They say that your wedding day would be the best day of your life, so obviously, many of us would want everything to go according to plan.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for 29-year-old Maizatul Akmal Moh Razmi and 28-year-old Aliff Taufiq Alin Azman.

Even though they had everything planned out, they couldn’t possibly have planned for a disaster to strike.

What Happened

The couple was travelling to their wedding destination when their car was suddenly submerged in a flood.

As in, water was coming into their car and the water level came up to their car’s dashboard.

Image: Twitter (@bernamadotcom)

The incident was reported by BERNAMA on Twitter and it went viral almost immediately.


The couple was in the backseat and tried their best to ensure that their wedding outfits would not be ruined by the muddy water, but not much could be done since their car was stuck in the middle of the flood.

Image: Twitter (@bernamadotcom)

In the end, they sacrificed their wedding outfits and braved the waters in order to save themselves.

So What Next?

Anyone would be devastated to know that whatever they have previously planned for went down the drain, but this did not deter the couple from continuing their wedding the following day.

They set out in simple normal clothes and got together for their wedding.

Image: Twitter (@bernamadotcom)

Is it upsetting to know that their marriage life started off with a bad start? Yes.

Is it upsetting to know that the photos from their wedding day are just them in normal clothes instead of the beautiful outfits that they initially prepared? Maybe.

But at the end of it all, it is a memory that they will both never forget. One day, they’ll look back on this moment and remember that even though there was a disaster, they stood by each other and braved the waters together, as a married couple.

Besides, they also taught us the fact that a marriage is not all about a perfect wedding day. What matters the most is that you’re no longer going through things alone, but with a partner. And as long as your partner is right there beside you, nothing will faze you.

We wish them all the best in their marriage!

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