Here’s What to Do If You Have a Wedding or Gathering During this COVID-19 Outbreak Period

Sometimes, things happen out of nowhere and we can’t control it.

For example, you already had a wedding planned for this year. Then comes along COVID-19 that might have caused some interruptions to your planning.

What do you do to combat COVID-19, at the same time proceed with your wedding plans? Do you have to resort to sending your wedding dinner food to your guests instead?

Fret not, here are some suggestions to take note.

Here’s What to Do If You Have a Wedding or Gathering During this COVID-19 Outbreak Period

In light of the escalating COVID-19 outbreak, those who are organising private functions, such as weddings or family get-togethers, have to take some precautions.

According to National Development Minister Lawrence Wong at a multi-ministry taskforce media briefing, these precautions are only advisory and will not be imposed on every private function, especially weddings.

Imagine if you’re at your own wedding, and everyone has to stand at a distance of one metre from everyone else. It makes socialising difficult and it doesn’t make wedding a good experience for everyone as well.

However, you can definitely take certain measures, such as letting guests sit slightly further apart around the table.

Weddings and Public Functions

Here are some precautions that can be taken:

  • Taking temperature of guests or participants
  • Sending reminders to those who have travelled overseas and to areas affected by the Covid-19 outbreak to not attend if feeling unwell
  • Keeping a list of names of guests which can be used to facilitate contact tracing if necessary

Other Social Gatherings

According to Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, it is difficult to implement specific rules for private social events as there is a huge variety of the types of events out there.

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However, for non-ticketed events which are usually attended by one’s own circle of family and friends (e.g. your birthday party or your housewarming party), organisers can choose to:

  • Postpone the gathering
  • Decrease the number of guests
  • Have different rooms or venues to segregate the guests

On top of weddings and social gatherings, ticketed events were announced on Friday that those with more than 250 participants are to be cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, it doesn’t apply to events that have already been committed to, such as a sold-out event.

Of course, organisers are tasked to put in place precautions as well:

  • Reduce the scale of events to below 250 participants where possible
  • Reduce crowding and improve ventilation
  • Carry out temperature and health screening measures and turn away people who are unwell
  • Put in place measures to facilitate contact tracing such as obtaining contact details of participants

All in all, it is best to not host any large scale events of over 250 people in one place. If you must have social gatherings, be sure to take precautions.

While we can’t control what will happen, we can always take precautions to protect the people we love.