Wells tt UV+: Get Clean Hot & Cold Water Immediately Without Having To Wait For Ice/Water To Boil

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Imagine this: You’re craving for a cup of coffee, so you put the water into the kettle and wait for it to get to a boil, which takes about five to ten minutes.

By then, your craving for a hot cup of coffee has passed like 2020 and all you’re left with a kettle of hot water when you’re craving for room temperature water.

Or maybe…it’s typical Singapore sunny weather. You’re hot, thirsty and extremely irritatable. And yet, when you open your fridge, you realise that your irritating partner has, once again, forgot to fill up the cold water container.

A second check revealed that the ice tray is empty as well.

Image: The Len / Shutterstock.com

Now, what if I tell you that all those troubles above could’ve been easily avoided? No more quarrels with your better half, no more waiting for half an hour because of poor memory.

Every time you feel like having a coffee, all you need is a coffee mix and a tap of your finger and voila, hot water pours right in.

In fact, the sky’s the limit, and if you’re in the mood for a glass of cold water, you can have it with just a twitch of your fingers.

Now, before you think, got so good meh, the answer is “yes”. It’s that good.

Everything I said, and more, is made possible with Wells’ latest brainchild:

The Wells tt UV+

Image: Wells

Clean water at whatever desired temperature you want is something everyone deserves, including you.

And Wells is looking to deliver just that with their newest water dispenser model, outstripping their previous models by a fair margin.

No matter whether it’s hot/cold water on demand, clean water or space-saving hacks, this water dispenser might just be the one you’re looking for.

As Much Cold Water As You Want

Given Singapore’s hot and humid weather, cold water is something we all can’t do without. And the Wells tt UV+ can give you all the cold water you’ll ever want.

It comes with a patented direct-dispenser type water cooling technology which makes it possible for the machine to dispense cold water without the need for a tank.

Image: Wells

In fact, the Wells tt UV+ is able to dispense around four times more cold water compared to other water dispensers on the market.

As for hot water, they have several different options for you to choose from:

Image: Wells

From hot water perfect to feed your baby with to boiling water that brings out the best in your coffee, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Wells tt UV+.

As you can probably tell by now, each “temperature” has its own colour.

It’s not that for design purposes, although you’ve got to admit, it really looks nice.

The Wells tt UV+ has an LED indicator on the front of the machine to indicate what temperature the output is currently in, making it safer for use.

Purification System

And now, the meat of the article: clean water.

What’s the clearest and cleanest water you can think of? Dasani?

Well, you’re going to get water that’s equally delicious and clean as those that comes from professional-grade factories, all because of Wells’ Multi Carbon Plus-Nano Clean Filter.

Here’s the TL;DR for the system: It’s an 8-inch filter, putting the water through nine-steps of filtration before it reaches your lips.

Here’s The Longer Explanation:

Image: Wells

Said to be the most powerful filtering system in Korea, the filtration system in Wells tt UV+ is able to remove 7 types of heavy metals and 35 types of harmful micro-organisms, including bacteria.

All in all, definitely a weapon you want in your arsenal if Singapore has to deal with water shortage and NEWater is supplied to households once more.

And It’s Super Chio As Well

As far as looks go, the Wells tt UV+ could probably go onto the front page of FHM if it was a human girl.

I mean, just look at how the machine looks in different settings:

Image: Wells

The Wells tt UV+ comes in two colours:

  • White
  • Rose Gold

Depending on whether your kitchen is modern and luxurious, or bright and airy, you can choose the colour that best suits you.

About Wells

While spending on a water dispenser might be a bit costly upfront, you can be sure that in the long-run, especially with Wells tt UV+, it’ll pay off in terms of health, convenience and enjoyment.

If you’re wondering who came up with such a gift to mankind, here’s a little bit more about the company.

Wells is a South Korean company which has been in business for the past 37 years.

An eco-friendly electrical appliances brand that is dedicated to pampering their customers, Wells Singapore knows there is only one way to do so: by delivering the best.

Their goal is to create a healthy lifestyle for their customers, providing everyone the gift of nature even within their enclosed workspaces and homes. To Wells Singapore, a conducive and clean space is not a luxury, but a well-deserved necessity.

They strive for excellence in all that they do, and their products have a mixture of multi-functionality and intelligent design. Therefore, they bring customers lightweight and portable technology that is the definition of style. With them, you will never be short of comfort, whether you are.

You can find out more about them here.

For those interested, you can find out more about the Wells tt UV+ here.

To purchase, you can email [email protected] .com or call +65 8828 8383 for enquiries.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with Wells Singapore.