You Can Now Walk at Home for Charity As Long As You Have a Smartphone


Do you feel that your lifestyle is getting too inactive from staying at home every day?

Do you wish to do more while still being in the comfort of your home?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then you should join this free event.

WeWalk for SG 

During this circuit breaker period, we are all doing our part by staying at home. However, without the normal activity that we used to do, our lifestyles are slowly becoming sedentary.

Rumours have it that when you look down at your feet, they’ve become smaller.

It is important to keep ourselves active, as it helps to boost our immune system to fight off viral attacks.

Therefore, to prevent it from happening, WeWalk for SG aims to encourage Singaporeans to stay fit, while still staying at home.


From 23 May to 31 May,  any of you can take part in it to contribute steps for the event. There are four race categories: 5,000 steps, 15,000 steps, 30,000 steps, and lastly 60,000 steps.

Walk at Home for…Charity?

Not only do you get to keep fit by participating, but also walk for a cause as well.

If all participants in the race collectively complete more than 20 million steps in total over the span of 9 days, a minimum of $35,000 will be donated to charities by prime supporters that have earlier pledged the sum.

The two charities are Child At Street 11, and Brahm Centre. Child at Street 11 is a charitable organisation that provides a high-value early years education programme for children from under-resourced and diverse family backgrounds.


On another hand, Brahm Centre promotes happier and healthy living with mindfulness by providing support to vulnerable elderly in the form of case management and befriending.

It is also launching a new initiative “A Leg Up”, for secondary school students who can’t afford enrichment classes.

If you would like to help out these charities, do sign up for the event! Also, did I mention that it’s free?

Here’s How It Works:

Firstly, you got to sign up at their website.



Secondly, you have to download 42Race app from the app store/Google Play.


Then, you gotta sync the app with Google Fit/Apple Health.

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Make sure you refresh sync to update the data each time throughout the race event.


At the end of the event, you’ll receive a finisher’s e-badge to signal that you’ve completed your race!


Tada! Isn’t it simple?


Now what are you waiting for? Go sign up for it now!

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