New Survey Shows 9 in 10 Employees in S’pore Want to Continue Working from Home After CB


Since the start of the circuit breaker, many of us have the luxury to work from home – not like we have a choice.

While some are unhappy to work from home, due to reasons such as the inconvenience or distractions at home, most are glad to be working from home and would love to continue such practice.

90%: Please let me work from home

According to a new survey, 9 in 10 of Singaporeans would like to continue working from home.

Among which, 15% of them said they would like to work from home permanently.

When asked for the reasons, the majority stated that working from home has not only improved their work-life balance but also help them save on transportation cost.

To be honest, think about it, working from home means avoiding the crowds in public transport – on top of saving transportation fee – that’s killing two birds in one stone.

Most of the respondents have also said that this has helped them reduce spending on eating out and purchasing office wear.


Missing on interaction with colleagues

75% of the respondents who voted to continue working from home have also stated that they would prefer alternating between the office and home.

One of the respondents stated that he does miss interacting with his colleagues face to face while he is enjoying the flexibility of working from home too.

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Working from home has reduced the number of interactions with our colleagues. While you may have met them virtually through an online meeting, there is a lack of human touch to the interaction regardless.

Besides that, working from home means higher spending on electric bills – how many of you have seen your bills for April 2020?

I guess that’s what the money saved from transportation and office wear converts to.

Companies adapting to changes

While employees are enjoying the perks from working at home, companies are loving it too – sort of.

Some employers are relooking at their office space and are considering downsizing the space as part of their cost-saving measures.

Some companies have stated that while working from home is a viable and cost-effective plan, physical space is still required for employers to bond and interact for better productivity.


With that being said, employers are concern about employee’s productivity as they have realized that two in five employees are taking a longer time to reach the same productivity level before COVID-19.

What do you think – work from home or nah?

Once again…not like we have a choice anyways.

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