We Might Soon Be Able to Mute a WhatsApp Group Forever So You Can Stalk Without Being Disturbed

Oftentimes, we find ourselves unceremoniously pulled into WhatsApp groups of different genres, without an inkling of what everything’s about.

For instance, I was casually stalking prettygirl99 on Instagram the other day when I received a notification telling me that I had been added to a group.

“Oh, a money-making group. A definite scam.”

Needless to say, I felt compelled to leave. Right there and then. No f*cks given. And I would’ve gone on with it too, had this feeling not churned in my gut.

“My sixty-ninth sense…” I breathed. “What’re you telling me?”

Perhaps it was my gut instinct. Or maybe it was the curry chicken the cai png uncle had given me with a dirty look. Whichever it was, one thing seemed sure:

I can’t leave. Or rather, it’ll be too awkward to leave.

All the opportunists looking down on me, scorning my lack of knowledge? I can’t possibly live with that.

And so I toughed it out. Tried my best not to delete the group from my life.

“It’s for the best,” I whispered.

But I didn’t want to receive messages from it. I certainly did not wish to receive messages like “Click here to win a Jackpot prize worth $8888!” on a daily basis. And so I went with the only logical option.

Mute it. For one year.

Image: Ai Insurance

“There, that should do it.”

Or so I thought.

As it turns out, I couldn’t live with the notion that something could happen after one year. Something… obnoxious.

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“If only…” I mumbled as I caressed the thins of my bedsheets. “There was a ‘forever’ option.”

That will make life… so much easier.

And what do you know?

It just happened.

We Might Soon Be Able to Mute a WhatsApp Group Forever So You Can Stalk Without Being Disturbed

The introductory paragraph may come across as unnecessarily long and gimmicky, but the gist rings true:

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WhatsApp is releasing a new update, and you’ll soon be able to mute a WhatsApp group… forever.

Image: Giphy

Well, that’s sure to be a boon for all the quiet ones out there. Time to mute all the noisy chaps on social media, they probably think.


And yeah, I can tell because I relate to it. 

Boss: Why, you want to mute me?

No la boss, why would I want to mute you?


Anyways, back to serious business.


According to wabetainfo.com, popular communication platform WhatsApp will be rolling out the aforementioned feature with its update.

In place of the classic ‘One Year’ option, an ‘Always’ option box will now be available for all the text-weary users out there.

Image: wabetainfo.com

Apparently, the feature is slotted in the “under development” list, and will soon be made available within the next few updates. So if you’re reaching for your phone right now to silence that abhorred group once and for all…

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a bit.

Though hey, if you think about it, you’ve waited an entire year for such an option…


What’s a few more weeks/months to you? 😉

Incidentally, previous updates on WhatsApp entailed the likes of novel animated sticker packs, convenience-friendly QR codes and desktop-specific Dark Mode.


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