How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number / Contact in Singapore

Last Updated on 2023-05-09 , 3:17 pm

Googling on how to WhatsApp without saving number the millionth time again, and eventually? Look no further.

Surprise, surprise, you don’t have to rack up hundreds of contacts for your son’s principal’s hairdresser’s mom’s daughter anymore!

Save contacts for people you talk to more than once by doing this simple hack.

How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number (Using the WA WhatsApp Way)

With WhatsApp’s click-to-chat function, all you and your recipient need is an active WhatsApp account. (Yes, that’s it.)

If you want to chat with this person without having to save their contact, you can just hop on to your phone or computer browser and type in the internet address followed by the phone number of the person you want to chat with.

If the person you want to chat with has a Singaporean number, the internet address you type in should look something like this:

Of course, this means you need to be using a local connection, as the website will automatically add the prefix for you based on you location.

This means there’s an extra step if you’re WhatsApping people from other countries (or people using an international number for their WhatsApp account, which is actually pretty common).

In order to contact people with numbers from other countries, you would need to add the international dialling code before the number. However, do not add any prefix zeros, plus signs, brackets, spaces, or hyphens.

Let’s say you were trying to contact a US phone number, for example, 001-234-567-8910. In this case, you would then have to type in:

After that, simply tap the enter key and WhatsApp will ask if you want to chat with the number.

Then, tap “continue to chat” and watch the chat open!

This trick works on smartphones, tablets, and computers (as long as they have the WhatsApp web app) so it truly is a lifesaver.

Moreover, is it just me, or does contacts sometimes don’t appear in your WhatsApp account? If so, here’s how to save a number in WhatsApp correctly:

  • Contact them using the above method
  • From there, save the number as contact

This will ensure whatever new contact you’ve saved would definitely be in your WhatsApp account.

Other WhatsApp Tricks

This is just one of the many hacks WhatsApp has. Another popular one is the self-text trick.

You can use this to text yourself links, pictures, reminders and so on! It is especially useful for those who are chronically on WhatsApp and find themselves forgetting tasks.

All you have to do is tap on the “new chat” button, which is in the top right corner of the WhatsApp mobile app.

Under the heading “Contacts on WhatsApp”, your number will appear first.

Tap on your contact and welcome to the efficient world of texting yourself.

Caution: only texting yourself will get lonely, so text others as well.