Who Should Deal in Ban-Luck During CNY Gatherings? Here’s a Guide so You Won’t Quarrel


Last Updated on 2023-01-16 , 1:44 pm

This would be a common scenario every Chinese New Year in Singapore and Malaysia: people are on their phones playing the latest games they’ve just downloaded on their phone.

Then someone would shout, “Ban Luck! Lai ah lai ah!”

Within seconds, everyone would be on the floor, with the host bringing a fresh deck of cards. And then, the dreaded question: “Who dealer?”

Well, we asked Google on whether there’s any rule on this, but all Google (ok, it’s actually Google’s close friend, Wikipedia) told us is that it’s good luck to play Ban-Luck during Chinese New Year as it’s a fresh year, and well, no rules about who should be the dealer.

Some of us just like to “arrow” the eldest to be the dealer, but that isn’t fair, right?

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So let us set the rules for you: whoever volunteers, and has higher income, should be the dealer.

The logic is simple: if you let someone who has lower income and does not have much to play to be the dealer, he will run out of money soon, and will spend the rest of the day watching re-runs of Stephan Chow’s movies.

After all, it’s all a game during Chinese New Year, so someone who doesn’t think much about $1,000 should be the dealer, eh?

In addition, it should also be a custom for the high-income earner to volunteer to be the dealer, since only he would know that he can afford to lose all the money he brought that day. With kids earning more than their parents now, it’s really necessary for those wealthy kids to take over the role of the dealer.

In any case, this is just our suggestion, but hey, we provide good premise for our argument, so next time when someone asks you to be a dealer, show him or her this article, okay?


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