Strong Winds of 49.3kmh Recorded on 18 Jan Morning, But It’s Not The Strongest This Month


Every man knows the feeling of having the cold wind blow in the early morning march.

I mean, we even have a song for it.

Recently, every Singaporean had a taste of it when going to work in the morning, especially yesterday (18 Jan).

Gusty Winds Blowing As Strong As 49.3 km/h

We’ve been experiencing some pretty strong winds this past week, and that peaked in the morning of 18 January.

Anyone that was near Admiralty that morning would have been blown away by winds reaching speeds as high as 49.3 km/h. That’s like the speed someone would drive a car on a common road (if they had just got their license #justsaying).

Those near Tai Seng weren’t spared either, as winds there peaked at 31.1 km/h.

Other areas that received some mind-blowing wind included the East Coast, Marina Barrage, Changi, and Pasir Panjang.

But did you know these aren’t even close to the strongest winds we’ve encountered in this month alone?

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70.2 km/h Wind Recorded On 12 Jan

Yep, the strongest wind we’ve received this month was on 12 January, and once again at Admiralty.

Wind speeds on that day peaked at a whopping 70.2 km/h, the speed limit of certain roads.

I know some skinny people who would have trouble walking with such a wind speed.

You may be thinking, is this the highest wind speed we’ve had in Singapore history?


We’ve had wind speeds at 90.7 km/h on 29 November 2010, which was the strongest gust in the last 36 years. Yeah, rumours have it that the speed camera in PIE was blinking non-stop that day.

Breezy Weather

Well, are Singaporeans enjoying this windy January??

If you’re amongst those who hate it, here’s some good news – meteorologists are expecting a dry and warm second half of January. If you’re into the usual hot-as-hell Singapore.


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