Winter S’pore Occurred This Morning As Parts of S’pore Were at 21°C


Sweater weather is back for the next few days due to a late monsoon surge.

Here’s what to expect for the week.

Non-Stop Rain 

The last day of February 2023 brought us rain from day to night, leading to temperatures on 1 March morning dropping to as low as 21.1°C in Newton.

That’s even lower than 22.3°C, the minimum temperature recorded for January!

Early morning temperatures islandwide varied from 21.1°C to 23°C.

This non-stop rain might seem unusual for February, which is typically a dry month, but there’s an excellent explanation for the sudden downpour.

Monsoon Surge 

February and March fall within the later period of the Northeast Monsoon when a monsoon surge could happen. Singapore experiences about two to four monsoon surges per year.

Cold winds blow from the north towards the South China Sea, where it warms. This leads to rain clouds forming over the equatorial region, where Singapore is located.

We will experience gusty winds and heavy rain during a monsoon surge, just like now. The rain can be continuous and last two or more days, increasing the likeliness of flash floods.

In fact, on 27 February, the National Environment Agency posted an alert about the monsoon surge happening between 28 February and 1 March.

It seems like weather forecasts are pretty accurate after all. 

Sweater Weather Will Continue

The 24-hour weather forecast estimates temperatures between 22°C and 27°C, with continuous rain across the island today. The rain is expected to let up during the nighttime to light showers.

The four-day weather outlook also estimates afternoon showers for 2 March and afternoon and evening thundery rain for 3 to 5 March. The temperature for the next four days is expected to range between 23°C to 31°C.


Time to break out the cute sweaters and rainy-day playlists. Who knows when we’ll have such blessedly cool weather again?

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Golf Tournament Cancelled Due to Rain 

Although the wet weather is great for sleeping in, it isn’t great for outdoor events.


Case pinpoint: the HSBC Women’s World Championship, which features the best women golfers in the world, was forced to cancel the pro-am on the morning of 1 March.

This was due to 20cm of rain falling on the Sentosa Golf Club’s Tanjong Course overnight, making it necessary to cancel. The Championship will commence tomorrow as scheduled, provided the weather allows it. It will run from 1 to 5 March.

More Accidents on Rainy Days

Be careful on the road while it’s pouring. Unsurprisingly, more accidents are bound to happen on rainy days, especially if the heavy rain limits visibility.

An accident occurred at the junction of Tampines Avenue 10 and 11 involving a minibus, a motorcycle and a car on 28 February afternoon. Videos online show the bike on the ground between the other two vehicles.

The front of the car and the right side of the minibus seem to have been damaged too. Two people were injured and sent to the hospital, while the minibus driver assisted with police investigations.