It’s Going to be a Rainy CNY 2023 So Bring Your Umbrella During Your Visits


Visiting many households this Chinese New Year?

Bring an umbrella, because it will be a rainy Chinese New Year.

The Rain is Back

According to the weatherman, the next two weeks of January 2023 are expected to be wetter than the first fortnight of the year.

And here’s the thing: over the Chinese New Year period, a high-pressure system over the northern Asian continent is likely to strengthen and bring wetter and cooler conditions to the region.

Basically, when you’re visiting your relatives, it’s going to rain the moment you alight from the bus or exit from your car lah.

This heavy rain will likely last for a few days and may bring cooler conditions with spells of showers over Singapore, so winter Singapore is expected.

But if you’re going for your visits in the later part of the month, you can time your visits to avoid the rain: the rainy weather is likely to ease in the last week of the month with localised short-duration thundery showers to be expected in the afternoon (kind of like the weather in the past two weeks).

Overall, in the second half of January 2023, the daily temperature is forecast to range between 24 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius on most days, and may reach a high of 33 degrees Celsius on a few days. The rainy weather during the monsoon surge period is likely to result in lower daily temperatures of between 22 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius on a few days.

Very Different in the First Half of January 2023

If you’d have realised, it wasn’t rainy in the last two weeks, but it wasn’t hot, too.

That’s because the Northeast Monsoon conditions prevailed over Singapore and the surrounding region in the first half of January 2023, so there were just short rains in the afternoon.

Also, it was relatively cool as there were only two days when the daily maximum temperature was higher than 34 degrees Celsius.

Simply put, the good weather is now gone, so prepare your umbrellas.

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