Woman Claims That Man Opened an Unpaid Vicks Cream in NTUC FairPrice & Called Him an ‘Animal’


Grocery trips are usually an enjoyable activity, but one trip turned into a nasty experience due to an encounter with the most disliked Singaporeans—Karens.

Accused Man of Opening Up Vicks Cream

On 11 April, a video was posted on TikTok featuring FairPrice Finest staff mitigating a situation involving the TikTok user’s father and a lady wearing a black sleeveless top.

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The woman had allegedly accused the TikTok user’s father of opening an unpaid Vicks cream at the Marine Parade outlet, even though he was only taking a look at it.

In the video, one of the staff could be heard explaining the situation, saying, “According to what the man said, the cap was off already. It’s already not sealed up. So he open up and he just slowly take out.”

The woman then retorted, “So all these things if they’re not sealed up, can just open is it?”

Another woman in grey mentioned that they might as well call the police.

The FairPrice Finest staff then asked if the woman in black was asking the man to pay for the item but was cut off mid-sentence by the other woman in the foreground in grey.

Even though her back was turned, she could be heard saying indignantly, “No, we will not pay. We call the police.”

The woman in black ignored the other woman and said, “This is a very sad situation”.

“Not an Outright Profanity”

Later, another video was posted by the same user. This time, the woman in black had the whole spotlight to herself.

In quite the posh Singaporean accent, she said, “It’s outright. There’s no argument. When I say, ‘Please do not act like an animal’, that’s not an outright profanity. Go talk to a lawyer.”

She then walked off.

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The finger-wagging and sudden singing pitch surely deserve a mention, though we have no idea what the purpose of those was.

In the end, a manager at FairPrice Finest told the TikTok user’s family not to pay for the Vicks cream.

You can watch the video here:

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Clarified Situation

Finally, after the confusing first two videos, we were provided with more context by the TikTok user who clarified what had happened.

He said his father had taken a product, but the cap fell off since it was already unsealed.

The woman in the sleeveless top confronted his father and called for the FairPrice finest staff.

The man then questioned who she was.


The TikTok user claimed the issue escalated with his father being called “uncivilised and “animal” by the woman.

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Featured Image: TikTok (theryandudeee)