Woman DGAF & Gave Birth While Standing During Grocery Shopping, Then Walked Home #LikeABoss


I‘m not trying to be biased here, but China women have a knack for doing the extraordinary. Whether it be positive, or downright outrageous.

Who else remembers the time a China woman decided to take a shit on the streets in public?

I shall spare you the gruesome images of the incident and just advise you to Youtube it if you have a weird fetish for women taking a dump.

Well, guess what? This time, another China woman has done the unthinkable.

Like, unthinkable. My first reaction when I saw it was… “What the ****?”

It happened in Yunfu, China’s Guangdong province on September 2. A woman actually gave birth standing on the street.

Image: Imgflip

And there’s even a video.

It looks like people everywhere will be the same, flipping out their phones and channelling their inner Christopher Nolan every time something weird happens.

So what exactly happened?

Image: Asiawire

The Chinese woman had been out for shopping when labour pains suddenly kicked in. Unable to suppress it, she could only go with the flow and ended up trying to give birth to the baby while standing.

Image: Asiawire

Although unconventional, the method undeniably worked, and the baby was born with its first experience wriggling on a rock hard floor with its mother practically bathed in blood.

An ambulance and medical staff arrived, and they swiftly proceeded to assist the fatigued mother and baby.

Eventually, the woman recovered enough to be able to walk again, and she carried her newborn and shopping bag and left. Like a boss. Who needs hospital care when you can just saunter away minutes after giving birth?


But seriously, that woman has got a will of steel.

Giving birth feels like being kicked in the nuts multiple times for guys, so imagine being kicked that many times and still be able to walk away like nothing happened. Power la.

Image: Giphy

What about you? What do you think of this outrageous incident? Tell us in the comments!

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