Woman Dumps BF Cuz He Was Driving A Fake Porshe Cayenne


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Now, materialism isn’t generally a bad thing. If applied in healthy doses, it creates just enough motivation for you to get off your lazy ass and strive for what you want.

But that raises the question; how materialistic can you be without crossing the line?

For this lady, it seems that she went just a tad bit overboard.

And ended up “suffering” for it.

What happened?

Just recently, a young lady met a guy at a social gathering and it was literal love at first sight. According to ET Today, the girl was attracted by the guy’s personality and his luxurious sport utility vehicle, a Porsche Cayenne.

Incidentally, the latest market price of a Porsche Cayenne could easily cost anywhere between SGD 216,000 and SGD 375,000, depending on the specifications.

Image: Meme Generator

Anyways, the lady claimed that despite owning such an expensive car, the guy seemed down-to-earth and humble. He reportedly wore only shirts from Taobao, which cost around 100 Yuan (roughly SGD$20) and he only went to normal food stalls when they went on dates.

“In my opinion, it’s rare to see a rich guy who is so humble like him. I started to develop feelings for him,” she said.

Their relationship took off real fast, and within the time span of two weeks, the lady had slept with the guy not once, not twice, but seventeen times.

Image: memegenerator.net

Thereafter, the lady would allegedly always update her friends with pictures, because love-love. But in one of these instants, she got a pretty rude shock when her friends saw pictures of her boyfriend’s car.

It was apparently not a real Porsche Cayenne.

“My friend’s boyfriend used to own a Cayenne, and he said this isn’t a Porsche,” the lady said.

In fact, it was allegedly a China-made car with a remarkably similar resemblance to the luxury German SUV.

Incidentally, this is the guy’s “Porsche”.

Image: ET Today
Image: ET Today

And this is the real one.

Image: Digital Trends

The lady was naturally unable to digest it, and argued that there were Porsche logos all over the car. Her friend then told her that apparently, you can get those logos on Taobao. Her boyfriend’s car is also actually a Zotye SR9, which costs around 100,000 Yuan and 150,000 Yuan (approx. between SGD 20,000 and SGD 30,000).

And to top it all off, the letters on the logos aren’t even written as ‘Porsche’.

Image: ET Today

Rather, it’s written as ‘Zhongtai’.

Image: ET Today

Which is pretty far apart, in my opinion.

(Incidentally, Zotye is pretty famous for cloning luxurious cars in China. The products are also legal on the road there. It reached a point where Porsche has threatened to sue them, but they don’t seem afraid)


In the end, the lady confronted her boyfriend and swiftly broke up with him for “embarrassing her in front of her friends”.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of a once-promising relationship fuelled by personality, Porsche and personality.

They deserve each other

Subsequently, this news became really hot on Chinese social media, and Netizens were quick to blast the pair.

“Both the girl and guy deserve each other as they are both equally shallow and materialistic,” a netizen commented.

Damn… that burn.

Anyways, what do you think? Was the lady being really materialistic? Should the guy have been condemned for his actions? Did they really… deserve each other?

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