British Woman Who Rated Nasi Lemak As ‘Wickedly Bad’ Tries The Real Thing & Says She’s Wrong

If the last Nasi Lemak fiasco you read about in the news was SG Nasi Lemak, the disgusting Telegram group for perverts, you may not know that a certain British woman recently committed an unpardonable sin.



Reader: What… what happened?

You know Nasi Lemak?

Reader: You mean that delectable dish that some Singaporeans love more than their own family members? Yes, of course I do. 

Well, this woman called it…

Reader: Yes?

“Wickedly bad”.

Reader: *faints*

British Lady Starts Food War

It all started with a 13-hour flight on British Airways.

A British lady named Katie Morley posted a review on Twitter of a dish she had on the plane that was not to her liking at all, calling the meal “wickedly bad”.

The problem was that it was Nasi Lemak, and everyone knows you’re allowed to have opinions about food except when it comes to Nasi Lemak.

She even went so far as to give it a rating of 0/10. I mean if I dipped a shoe in Nasi Lemak sambal I’d probably still give it a 2/10 at least.

Understandably, netizens were not pleased.


The lady later apologised after receiving some presumably cordial messages from Malaysians regarding her Nasi Lemak post.

She explained that she had never eaten it before and “meant no offence”.


She also pointed out that it was a British Airways version of the dish, so how good could it be?

She said she hoped to try the real thing one day.

And then she did, and realised what all the fuss was about.

“It’s delicious”

Image: Twitter (Katie Morley)

Before you get your Nasi Lemak pitchforks out and say BUT THIS IS NOT AN AUTHENTIC RESTAURANT, let me tell you that Morley went to an actual Malaysian restaurant in London.

She called it delicious and thanked Malaysians for telling her so politely that she was wrong.

Image; Twitter (Katie Morley)

So, everything is right with the world again. Nasi Lemak has charmed yet another diner and our anger has dissipated.

What have we learned? That if someone from another country dislikes our food, we should insult them and attack their character until they do?


You can complain about Singapore’s weather, you can lament the lack of free press, but you DO NOT insult our food.