Woman Posts 9 Videos on Her Argument with Grab Driver

A lady just posted like nine consecutive videos on Facebook detailing her altercation with her Grab driver. There are a lot of issues with that sentence. Let’s spend a little time breaking it down.

First of all, what in the world? Nine goddamn videos? This lady really no chill sia. And if you’re patient enough to sit through all of them (no need to thank me), you’ll see that it’s a really small issue in the first place.

Seriously, you could totally have posted just one, and your point would be clear enough (regardless of however pointless the whole thing actually is).

Image: facebook.com

It’s rather obvious which nine of these are the related videos.

Speaking of the altercation, her issue with the driver was that the driver was speaking on the phone through an earpiece as he was driving.

This didn’t actually break any law, by the way. As one commenter said, if a driver doesn’t talk at all during the drive, he might get sleepy and endanger everyone on the car. Besides, speaking on the phone through earpieces is really not that much different from conversing with your passenger.

So the lady was miffed that the driver was talking on the phone on the road. And what did she decide to do about it? She started filming, and tried to repeatedly get the driver to stop. Talk about not having the driver distracted.

If she could see how ironic her actions were, maybe she’ll be able to see how much of a fool she was making of herself on Facebook, to about 200k viewers.

Yeah. 200k viewers. Turns out that people liked watching other people do stupid shit online. Who would’ve guessed?

A large portion of the commenters on her videos were discussing how she looked like she was on drugs. I guess I don’t know enough to judge, but damn if she doesn’t look high af.

Look at those lifeless eyes, the lolling tongue… Kids, don’t do drugs, not even once.

(I’m just kidding. I have no idea if she takes drugs.)

Lady, you probably need to get a grip on yourself.

And oh, if you are really free really want to view all the videos, check it out here.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Chen Yu Xi)

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