Woman Posts About Washing Period Stained Panty In Hotel’s Kettle, Says It’s ‘Fast & Hygienic’

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A fervent believer in using your hotel’s kettle? Well here’s a tip;


Over the years, hotel kettles have been used for a multitude of reasons.

And not one of them’s for boiling the damn water.

“Then what do they use it for?” you ask.

Well, here’s one:

And to add spice to the whole topic, here’s another.

Just make sure you’re not eating right now.

Woman Post About Washing Period Stained Panty In Hotel’s Kettle, Say It’s ‘Fast & Hygienic’

Step aside, pee-stained underwear. F*** off, shit-stained underwear. There’s a new type of underwear in town, and it’s none other than…

Period-stained underwear.

Roughly a year ago, a hotel guest had shared an invaluable tip on Facebook for clearing up period-stained panties.

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“Staying in a hotel, that time of the month comes out of the blue. Forgot to pack knickers so came up with a good way to quickly wash them,” she expressed in the caption.

And lest you haven’t caught on, it’s not the tap.

“The hotel kettle! Quick, fast and hygenic,” she ended.

And to exemplify her point, she included a particularly graphic image that makes even Arnold Schwarzenneger scream for his mummy. Be warned; viewer discretion is advised.

Image: Reddit

And no, that purple thing’s not some mystical eggplant that detoxifies the hotel kettle, lest you’re hoping.

It’s a goddamn knicker with period stains on it.

Well, I wonder how water boiled from that particular kettle will taste like?

Probably salty.

Netizens wage war on the owner

Or at least that’s what would’ve happened in the Victorian era, but right now it’s the age of warriors.

Keyboard warriors.

And so, here’s a list of comments from Netizens hiding behind their screens. Like me actually.

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit

And of course, it had to happen eventually.

The death sentence for hotel residents.

Image: Reddit

But I doubt it passed.

Also, here’s something I’m fervently wishing that did not happen.

Image: Reddit

But with all things considered…

I really won’t be surprised if it did.

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And so… now what?

Well, I’ll just put this here:

If you’re drinking from the goddamn kettle, make sure you boil it 10 times first before you drink from it.

Because let’s face it; this isn’t your home. You’re sharing appliances with tons and tons of residents from all around the world. And while you might be civic-minded, some might not.

So do yourself a favour, wash out that hotel kettle thoroughly…

Because really, it’s much better than infesting your body system with blood from someone else’s.