Woman in Road Rage Explains Why She Got Aggressive & Why She Tossed the Car Plate


In the last few days, a video went so viral, various memes mocking a woman surfaced.

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While Jeff Ng might be happy that no one’s paying attention to him (oh, wait, maybe he’s angry?), the woman involved in the saga isn’t, for everyone appears to focus on who she is, who her son is and what her occupation is.

And so, she has now come out to explain what really happened.

That is, if no facts are being omitted, because it’s once again become a “he said she said” situation.

Woman in Road Rage Explains Why She Got Aggressive & Why She Tossed the Car Plate

Once again, we’ve to thank Shin Min Daily News, the Chinese daily that might be the news media that’ll make first contact with aliens.

They managed to get in touch with the woman, who wants to remain unnamed.

According to the woman, her son has been driving the car, and noticed that the Toyota Alphard had been cutting lanes throughout the journey.

As expected, the road was extremely congested. The Alphard then allegedly tried to cut into the Cerato’s lane from the left.

In a video shared by the Alphard driver’s son, the Alphard was indeed on the left, but the video shared showed that the Alphard was already in front, though:

The slight sideswiping then occurred.

The woman claimed that she originally wanted to let the matter rest as the scratches weren’t serious, but the Alphard driver allegedly stopped the car and approached the woman and her son. He cursed at them, and challenged her son for a “one-to-one fight”.

That was when she alighted from the car to reason with him, but the Alphard driver then went back to his car. From then on, videos of what happened surfaced online.

The Car Plate Story

The woman then said that she had stood in front of the car, wanting the Alphard driver to come out to speak.

But the Alphard moved forward instead.

The reason why she yanked the car plate off?

Because the car plate was injuring her, and in a fit of anger and pain, she ripped it off and tossed it at the windscreen.


To prove that she was indeed injured, she shared an image of her injured thighs with Shin Min Daily News.

Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

Making Police Report of Her Own

She, just like all Singaporeans, is aware that the Malaysian police are investigating the incident, and would be making her own police report in both Singapore and Malaysia.

She added that she thinks she’s not entirely at fault, and is therefore not worried.

However, she’s worried about her son, saying that he’s only 18 and is still in school.

He Said…She Said. Literally.

Shin Min Daily News also managed to get in touch with the Alphard driver’s son, who gave a different account of what happened.


According to the son, the woman had flipped the bird at him when Alphard driver approached her immediately after the accident. He claimed that the woman had asked him to come out from his car.

Now, remember: the woman claimed that she was willing to let it go, and that the Alphard driver was the one who approached the woman.

The son also claimed that Alphard driver was very calm, and that is, once again, a conflicting account of what the woman had said: she said he was angry and even challenged the woman’s son for a fight.

Now, unless one can calmly ask for a one-for-one fight, it’s hard to know who’s telling the truth or who’s remembering the facts wrongly.

Or who’s living in a different universe.

The family of the Alphard driver will reach out to the woman to talk things out, and would hire a lawyer to pursue the matter should the woman refuse. According to the woman, she said that she won’t want to have any interaction with the Alphard driver anymore.


Lest you’re unaware, lawyers are engaged not just to attend court hearings: they’re used when two parties failed to communicate amicably, and lawyers are like middlemen.

This has become another example of how Rashomon effect works. To know more about this phenomenon, watch this to the end:

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