Woodlands Coffeeshop Close for 14-Day Disinfection After a Staff Was Tested Positive for COVID-19

As the world cowers before the Thanos-level threat that’s Covid-19, Singapore, too, has submitted to its own wave of post-virus symptoms:

Image: freemalaysiatoday.com

Truly… humanity is the most intelligent species on the planet alright.

But throughout all the fanfare and commotion, one aspect lays inexplicably still for our pleasure:

Coffee shops around the country.

As a Wise Old Man once said:

“I can do without toilet paper, but coffee shops are a must.”

Not the best analogy right there, but you get the idea.

Woodlands Coffeeshop Close for 14-Day Disinfection After a Staff Was Tested Positive for COVID-19

And so, I can only imagine what frequenters of this particular Woodlands Coffeeshop would feel, when it was announced that the eatery will be closing down for a whopping 14 days after a staff member was tested positive for Covid-19.

Image: Google Maps

Pure sorrow, that’s what I’m talking about.

According to MustShareNewsthe place in question happens to be Yummy Food Link coffee shop, which is located at Block 111, Woodlands Street 13.

The infected, a 55-year-old woman who works as a beverage stall assistant, stopped coming to work from 19 March onward. She had experienced an onset of symptoms on 18 March and visited a doctor the next day.

Just last Saturday (21 March), she was confirmed as a Covid-19 patient.

It’s unclear, however, where or how she got infected.


Thus far, the country has been rather strict on the whole ‘you hang out with the infected? Quarantine for you, you and you!’  regimen, and one can argue that it’s the core reason why Singapore isn’t swarming with flu zombies at the current moment and we’re flattening the curve very well. And indeed, it seems that this particular coffee shop incident would be no different.

After the 55-year-old was ascertained to be infected, 5 other employees from the same stall were subjected to a 2-week-long quarantine period too. And on the back of that notion, the owner of the coffee shop has decided to close the entire place for 14 days as well, effective last Sunday (22 March).

The move’s reportedly for disinfection purposes, though one wonders why a 2-week absence is required.

Why, Indeed?

My colleague, being a self-professed hardcore fan of the implicated coffee shop, has asked the burning question:

“What’s wrong with Yummy Food Link coffee shop?”

Indeed, he has been so stressed out by the all-important question that he has even contemplated marrying the shop owner, but he has since been talked out of it. Though the question begets;

Why, indeed?

Well, according to my boss, the situation could’ve stemmed from two different scenarios:

  • The owner wishes for everyone to take a break
  • A distinct lack of manpower
  • It’s a conspiracy to shut down Yummy Food Link
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Well, food for thought?


But no matter what it is, one thing’s for certain:

For regular visitors of the aforementioned coffee shop, please do get your usual food fare elsewhere within these two weeks.

Also, make sure to practice good social behaviour; do refrain from leaving your house for unnecessary matters if you’re sick, and wear a mask if you simply have to do so.

Covid-19 might be the greatest threat to Humanity since the incorporation of Goody Feed, but as long as we do things appropriately…

We’ll overcome any obstacle life throws at us.

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