Everything About Workers’ Party First Group of Candidates, Including Nicole Seah Who’s Now a Mother

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Workers’ Party, one of the most recognised opposition parties in Singapore and the only party with elected members in parliament during the previous term, has confirmed that they would be contesting for 21 seats this coming election.

The battlegrounds they’d be in are Aljunied GRC, Marine Parade GRCs,  East Coast GRCs, Sengkang GRC, Hougang SMC and Punggol West SMC.

This is lower than the 28 seats they contested in 2015.

However, if they can find more candidates, they could contest in more seats. Workers’ Party leader Pritam Singh said, “If we can find more candidates…of course, we can consider fielding more seats. But I think it’s important for us to focus our efforts and ensure that the candidates that we put forward can do well for the Workers’ Party.”

And today, they introduced four candidates: some new, some not so new and one’s the reason why you’ve clicked into this article.

Muhammad Azhar Abdul Latip, 34 (PHV Driver & Businessman)

Image: wp.sg

Mr Azhar would be one of the youngest MPs should he get elected.

The 34-year-old is currently a Grab driver and also runs a small business. The NUS graduate, who majored in political science, has been helping out in Aljunied GRC and Fengshan SMC, which has been absorbed into East Coast GRC.

He’s hoping to be a voice for the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society, saying, “I’d like to see a more equitable and fairer society, where minorities are not discriminated against and where each of us gets a fair shot in life.”

Back in 2014, he met up with an accident that disabled him. But he’s now soldiered on in life and is even going to be trained as a para-athlete.

You can find out more about him here.

Louis Chua Kheng Wee, 33 (Banker)

Image: wp.sg

Mr Chua, who’s even younger than Mr Azhar, is so young that he’s still an active NSman serving in a Combat Service Support (CSS) Battalion.

He’s a Vice President at a Global Investment Bank and has graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy, Summa Cum Laude, from the Singapore Management University (SMU).

The young man’s goal is to ensure that every Singaporean is empowered to achieve his or her maximum potential regardless of background, with a strong social safety net for the less privileged.

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You can find out more about him here.

Yee Jenn Jong, 55 (Businessman)

Image: wp.sg

If this name sounds familiar, then you should be of voting age.

Mr Yee has contested in previous elections before: he first contested alone in Joo Chiat SMC in 2011, and then as a group in Marine Parade GRC in 2015.

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In 2011 to 2015, he was also a non-Constituency MP, as the seats would be given to the losing candidate with the best results.

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He has been active in Marine Parade, the constituency he contested in 2015, so I bet my boss’ car that he’s be fielded there.

You can find out more about him here.


And finally, last but not least…

Seah Xue Ling, Nicole Rebecca, 33 (Associate Director at a Multinational Marketing Group)

Image: wp.sg

The name doesn’t ring a bell? Well, how about we switch it to something more familiar: Nicole Seah?

The 33-year-old, whom we’ve known since she was 24, needs no introduction: she’s the Golden Girl in GE 2011, and now, she’s back with the Workers’ Party instead of the National Solidarity Party.

While she resigned from NSP three years later, she’s volunteered with the Workers’ Party since 2015, and is involved in the media team. No wonder they’ve such a professionally made video.


She’s now a mother of a two-year-old girl, and had come back to politics because the political landscape was “unfair” and the playing field unequal.

But there’s one more reason: for her daughter.

She said that her daughter is “the next generation of Singaporeans and I want to leave behind a legacy for her, where she would feel comfortable regardless of political inclinations or the kinds of views that she is expressing.”

But why the Workers’ Party? She could have teamed up with Ooi Boon Ewe and Sherwin Eu, right?


She said, “It’s a party that does not oppose for the sake of opposing.”

Image: Giphy

She is now working as an associate director at a multinational marketing group, and has experience doing digital channel strategy planning for government sector clients and digital analytics across multiple markets for a regional tech company.

No one is speculating but she could well be the Golden Girl again—not because of her candidacy, but because if she’s bringing her digital marketing expertise to the party, other parties should really get worried.

Do you know their Avengers-style video has 3.6k Shares in a day, and they’ve just come out with yet another video, this time telling the Chinese-speaking community how secret your vote is?


You can find out more about her here.

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