Police Started Investigations on WP’s Pritam Singh & Faisal Manap After WP Saga


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d probably have heard (at least in part) about the Workers’ Party Saga.

Now, if you’ve forgotten about the WP saga, let our resident (underpaid) blue cat refresh it for you:

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Okay, all caught up?

Now, let’s move on to what’s happening now.

Police Started Investigations on WP’s Pritam Singh & Faisal Manap After WP Saga

Previously, the committee of privileges said that they’ll be referring MP Faisal Manap and Opposition Leader Pritam Singh for further investigations by the public prosecutor.

And on 29 Apr 2022, the police said that they’ll be getting in touch with people relevant to the case.


They’ve already gone through the evidence provided by Parliament on the conduct of Mr Faisal Manap and Mr Pritam Singh.

This move, they revealed, is to investigate and find out whether any offences were committed.

Read The Statement in Full:

“In February, Parliament referred the conduct of Mr Pritam Singh and Mr Faisal Manap before the Committee of Privileges to the public prosecutor, who in turn referred the matter to the police for investigations.

“The police have been going through the evidence provided by Parliament and will now be engaging persons relevant to the case as part of the investigations into the possible offences disclosed.”

On 10 Feb 2022, the COP decided that Mr Singh is the “operating brain” and the key reason why Raeesah Khan did not immediately come out to clarify her lie in parliament.

On 15 Feb 2022, parliament voted and it was decided that the referral to the public prosecutor for the two WP MPs will go through.

Then, Mr Singh said that he has no objection to the move and will “do his utmost” to clear his name.

Meanwhile, Khan, also known as the one who lied in Parliament, was slapped with a S$35,000 fine.

As for why Khan got off with a slap on the wrist, Leader of the House Indranee Rajah called Khan a “young and inexperienced MP” who was only obeying her leaders (at that point in time).

If she had acted alone, Khan would have faced a significantly more painful penalty, she said.

You can read more about that here.

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